One of the favorite carbonated soft drink – fanta orange marketing crush

There is a huge range of soft drink flavors ranging from orange, grapes, pineapple etc. Soft drinks are carbonated drinks with the ingredients differing from country to country. The composition is mainly based on carbonated water to which flavors and sweeteners are added. Amongst the more popular carbonated soft drinks is Fanta Orange that is marketed by Coca Cola Company.

Fanta originated in Nazi Germany during the World War II. There was a trading ban at the time on Germany by Allies. Coca-Cola was unable to import the syrup that was required to produce its products in Germany. That was when their chief chemist Dr Schetelig created a new product for the German market with the ingredients available in Germany. It was called as “Fanta” derived from “Fantasie” in German language.

Fanta is among the most popular orange soft drinks. It has some stiff competition from Tango, Mirinda, Slice, Orange Crush and Tropicana Twister. The formulation of Fanta may differ. You may find orange juice in varying proportions in different countries. European Fanta has orange juice while the US version does not have it. There is about 5% fruit juice in the Australian Fanta while it is about 10% in Brazil and other South American countries. It obviously changes the taste and the coloring in each country to a certain extent.

If we compare the Fanta orange in US it contains high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, natural and artificial flavors, carbonated water, etc. The Spanish Fanta however contains 8% orange juice concentrate, acidity regular E-330(citric acid), food coloring, gelatine, etc. Similarly UK version has 5% orange fruit concentrate, sweeteners and other ingredients and natural flavoring. Fanta orange is available around the world. Fanta brand is used for other flavors as well in each country depending upon what flavors are loved by the people of that country.

Fanta orange has a unique and refreshing taste. Most prefer it served chilled. During summers it is the most preferred drink. Many Fanta orange fans emphasize that it is the best combination with barbeques if served with ice cubes. Among younger generations the little fizz and the taste is a great way to have fun and a refreshing drink with low sugar content and in turn low calories.

The packaging is also attractive. The bright orange cans are hard to miss. Overall it has a very striking and appealing charm that catches the imagination of youths. It is available in most countries in cans, bottles and tins. Orange Crush was the top selling brand. The top spot now goes to Fanta orange which is marketed as one with 100% natural flavors. It is also caffeine free. It is available in 20 ounce bottles, 2 liter bottles, 24-pack, 12-pack, 8 ounce cans etc.

Carbonated orange drinks like Fanta, Orange Crush etc that are available in the market are a favorite during the summer seasons. They taste best when ice cold. The market share of Fanta orange drink is the highest among the younger generation but also loved by the middle aged. There is no restriction of age as its taste is favored by most as a refreshing drink.

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