Regular bottled soda drinking can result in bad health

If you hate drinking dull and plain water every day, and have instead shifted to drinking packaged sodas or soft drinks then you could be playing and paying with your health. Bottled soda contains several ingredients that could attack your body on several fronts if consumed on a regular basis. Once you realize as to how regular bottled soda drinking can result in bad health then you will surely explore other ways to remain hydrated and fit at the same time.

While most Americans drink innumerable types of club soda, flavored seltzer water, colas, soda pop, and other similar drinks, most are either unaware of the harmful effects of these drinks in the long run while others are totally addicted to this dangerous habit and find it hard to quit.

The reason as to why long bouts of soda drinking is dangerous is due to the presence of caffeine, sugar, fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors and preservatives that are usually found in abundance in most packaged drinks. These chemicals can damage the teeth and bones of regular drinkers due to calcium depletion, pile up unwanted calories in the body, and even cause caffeine addiction in the long run. Since these warnings are not posted on cola and soda bottles, most people do not understand the harm that they are causing to their body when they consume these drinks on a regular basis.

The harmful effects of drinking soda day after day has also been highlighted by health experts such as barry popkin, professor at the Department of Nutrition, UNC and director of the UNC Interdisciplinary Obesity Center [IDOC] who believes that average Americans along with others all around the world consume too much soda and have turned obese as a result.

Other experts such as michael jacobson who holds a PhD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in microbiology and is the co-founder of the Center for Science for Public Interest [CSPI] also believe that soda is the liquid leader in “junk food” that simply dumps empty calories that contain no nutrients into your body. Both these experts believe that people should cut down on harmful sodas and instead switch over to healthier alternatives.

If you too are plagued by addictive sodas then you can start by shifting the production of sodas in your home itself. You can simply buy a soda maker and make carbonated water right at home. This will allow you to control and reduce carbonation levels while eliminating caffeine, sugar, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives from your homemade soda by shifting to flavor concentrates that do not contain any of the above ingredients, yet manage to taste delectable.

You can also shift to flavored water if you do not want carbonation in your drinking water. Either way, you will be shifting to a healthier alternative that does not stuff empty calories in your body and increase the chances of heart disease and diabetes in the future.

In order to further explore the benefits of drinking water without drinking it in its bland form you can simply switch over to drinking filtered and chilled plain or flavored water right at home through your drinking water cooler. You can also make your own carbonated water through an efficient soda water maker and enjoy carbonated water without any harmful additives. Experts all around the world have concluded that soda drinking on a regular basis is harmful to health and you too should protect your health by shifting to healthier alternatives that still keep you hydrated all day long.