why does carbonated beverages burn the stomach

Carbonated beverages are certainly popular and loved by many. However, not many of us know its harmful effects on our body. The carbonated beverage companies are doing a great business at the cost of your health. Some health conscious people call carbonated beverages a slow poison that will only kill in the end. Carbonated drinks are very good to taste but really do no good to your body. Carbonated drinks are high on acid that can absorb the tissues in your stomach. Acid is known to burn any skin, so you can very well imagine what adverse effect it can have on your stomach.

You would be surprised to know that carbonated beverages can actually clean your toilet seat or even remove the rust of metal. If you do not believe this then try it yourself. Carbonated beverages are certainly high on acids and thus give birth to several stomach related problems. It is a myth that carbonated drinks can cure upset stomach; however, it only adds to your problem or worsens the situation of your stomach. Stomach is one sensitive organ and upsetting it can cause discomfort to the entire system.

Carbonated beverages are fun to drink with the fizz and bubbles. We all love the whoosh sound when the new bottle of cola is opened. However, this fun drink can actually prove fatal to your entire body system. There is no clear evidence as to why carbonated beverages burn the stomach. However, as per studies, the acidic drink generates heat in the body due to carbon dioxide. Large numbers of people drink carbonated beverages to quench thirst; however, not many of you know that it can dehydrate you.

Acid when poured on your skin will not only burn it but also damage it forever. Stomach being sensitive cannot fight the harmful effects of acid and it results in burning. Carbonated beverages are also known to absorb the calcium from the body making your bones week in the long run. Carbonated beverages are also known to develop cancer, and decay tooth. These beverages are also high on calories that make you fat. These calories are unhealthy that only make you obese. This is one reason why the obesity factor is increasing these days.

Many carbonated drinks also contain caffeine that make you sleepy and stay less alert. There are no good reasons why one should drink carbonated beverages. Despite this fact we have several companies making huge profits by selling carbonated drinks. Many people ignore these harmful effects and continue indulging in carbonated beverages only to repent in the long run. See the health difference in people who have given up on carbonated beverages. They have not only lost unwanted weight but have also got rid of stomach related problems.

Though many will still experience the burning sensation while drinking the fizzy carbonated drink, they will simply ignore it. Do not believe the advertisers who make these beverages look like real refreshers. These companies are here to make money and not worry about your health. Be wise and think twice the next time you want to gulp in some carbonated beverage that can burn your stomach.

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