carbonated soda contest balloon science experiment

carbonated soda serves as a thirst quencher for many but did you know it can be used for some exciting experiments as well. Have you heard about the carbonated soda balloon contest? If you have you know what I am talking about, if not, then worry not because I shall let you know about it. These experiments with carbonated soda and balloon are very interesting and kids can try it out themselves.

To begin with the experiment all you need is carbonated soda and a few balloons. The first experiment is to check level of carbonation in various types of sodas. So if varieties of carbonated soda bottles are ready, start putting by balloons in the top. Now start shaking the bottle so that the bubbles are released in the balloon. You need to shake the bottle till the time all the bubbles and fizz comes out. Now once you are done with this, check the size of each balloon. The one that has grown too big contains more amount of carbon dioxide. In short the bottle that could stretch the balloon big contains more carbon dioxide.

As per experts, every balloon will be somewhat similar in size. When the carbonated soda is manufactured, the companies fill the above empty layer with enough carbon dioxide gas. This will let every balloon to grow up to similar size. This experiment is easy and fun. So, the next time you need to blow your balloons simply get a carbonated soda bottle and blow it as much as you want. Balloons when blown up with help of carbon dioxide gas will save your energy.

Here is another experiment with balloon and carbonated soda to show that gasses can dissolve in liquids. You would again need few balloons, carbonated soda bottles, and a watch to check the time. Now to get going you need to open the bottle of carbonated soda and quickly put the mouth of the balloon on the top of bottle. You have to be quick with this, so the carbon dioxide gas from the soda does not escape in the air. Make sure that the balloon is fitted well and does not allow any air in. Keep looking at your watch and after every 10 minutes notice the balloon.

The balloon that is over the bottle has trapped carbon dioxide. If you now take off the balloon, you can see that within seconds the carbon dioxide gas will escapes out. This happens because, once you remove the balloon, the pressure is taken away. Also you must have observed the balloon growing big as the gas inflated it.

Most kids love to blow their balloons with the help of carbonated soda. Aren’t this experiments fun and exciting. You can try them too. However, make sure when you place the balloon on the top of bottle it is fixed tight so as no air gets in. So, what are you waiting for, try it today. You can also make use of these experiments for your school science project and impress your teachers. Have fun.

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