carbonated soda

soda is one word that has been frequently heard from several mouths. Some love it, while few blame it for its ill effects. Soda was, few years back, loved and known as a thirst quencher. However, with people becoming health conscious, the demand for soda has reduced. According to nutritionists carbonated soda can cause tooth decay, diabetes, and also childhood obesity. Carbonated soda is a mixture of carbon dioxide, acid, sodium, and sugar. The excess consumption of the same does not prove healthy from the scientific and medical point of view. Some still pay a deaf ear to this fact, while few wisely stay away from this acidic carbonated soda.

The acid that carbonated soda contains can actually clean the floor and your toilet seat. The same acid is also found in floor cleaners. So you can very well imagine what effect it can have on your stomach and teeth as well. The excess sugars present make you gain unhealthy calories. Also the additives may cause you uneasiness. Carbonated soda may contain water; however, it’s not the pure form and does not serve the purpose of water. In fact, carbonated soda can dehydrate you because of the high levels of acid in it, which are known to absorb vitamins.

There was a time when people were not aware about the ill effects carbonated soda can cause. Many soda companies where doing good business, as people use to love the fizzy drink. However, soon it was observed that the gas present in it is causing harm to the body. The soda certainly has a great taste but does no possible good to the body. As the carbonated soda is high on sugars, excess consumption can pose risk of dental problems. Most teenagers and children suffer from tooth decay due to regular consumption of carbonated soda.

Carbonated sodas were so popular, that manufacturers came up with soda making machines. This machine has/had a carbon dioxide cylinder. This allowed you to make fresh fizzy drinks whenever and wherever. These machines are also to be blamed for the increase in the use carbonated soda. Gradually when the scientific community started questioning on the nutritional value of carbonated soda, a study was conducted. The study revealed that carbonated soda was one of the causes of esophageal cancer in America. The acid present in these drinks is said to increase the risk of cancer and cause other ill effects on the body.

Today large numbers of people have started eliminating carbonated soda from their diet. Nutritional and energy drinks are preferred when it comes to choose drinks. Sale of soda during summer used to be high have also started declining in the recent past. Soda companies were alerted about this change by famous analyst porceilo. Some companies have been wise to come up with energy and healthy drinks, while few companies who didn’t pay heed are now not doing as well due to this sudden awareness among masses.

Many people who are addicted to carbonated soda find it hard to quit it. However, the next time you extend your arm to pick a bottle of carbonated soda; do think about the harm it can cause you.

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