carbonated water as cleaning agent

carbonated water is high on acids and thus works as a floor cleaner. Though carbonated water has been called harmful for health, it certainly does no harm to the floor. It can make your toilet seat and floor sparkle and look new. The strong acidic agents present in the carbonated water are hard on the dirty spots. Carbonated water has been used as a cleaning agent for past several years. There has been news about how carbonated drinks can clean the toilet seat and floors and people were thus asked to eliminate the drink from their menu.

I am not sure if carbonated water can have harmful effects on human body, but it certainly serves as a cleaning agent. This fact was known only when people stated experimenting with this acidic drink. These acids are almost same as the ones used in liquids use to clean the floors. The carbon dioxide present in it actually makes the floor look better. The acids are known to pull out the dirt from floor and carpets in the very first wash. Regular use of carbonated water makes your floor and upholstery shine.

With carbonated water you don’t have to pressurize your hands. You simply need to pour the fizzy drink on floor or let the carpets lie in it for some time. Now when you wipe the floor, within no time you shall see the spots disappear. Same is the case with the carpets and dusters. The carbonated water easily separates the fabric and dirt, giving it a clean and neat look.

Carbonated water as a drink may have suffered an image loss in the past few years; however, as a cleaning agent it cannot be faulted. This bubbly drink was invented as a substitute for water. Joseph Priestly had invented this drink by infusing carbon dioxide in water. Later when the reports came of the drink being unhealthy as it is acidic, the drink was tried to remove the harsh stains from floor and at times even from clothes. If you do not believe this fact, rush to the near by store and grab a bottle of carbonated water to try it yourself. I am sure you will be amazed by the results.

Carbonated water has been in the market for several decades. This drink was one of the most favorite, until some of its disadvantages came out. However, just as we know everything does have pros and cons and so did carbonated water. It may not be the best drink to hang out with, but it’s certainly a hit product when it comes to cleaning. This drink is a mixture of phosphorous, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, sulfur, and many other acids. All these ingredients together create a good cleaning agent out of carbonated water.

Carbonated water is among the most inexpensive cleaning agents. If you love its output, you can get one carbonated water maker and prepare the fizzy water every time you need it. Carbonated water makers last long and you do get replaceable carbon dioxide cylinders. Carbonated water as a cleaning agent is superb and you can see the difference after the use. The results are visible making you happy to see the stain free floor.

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