carbonated water bones

carbonated water has been labeled unhealthy by large number of people. After observing few cases, it was declared that excess use of carbonated water can deprive you of calcium. Lack of calcium can cause osteoporosis making you weaker day by day. Carbonated water has been associated with several health hazards. People, who are addicted to carbonated water, have a high risk of facing several health problems in the long run. Carbonated water can never replace normal pure form of water.

Carbonated water may be called as a thirst quencher by several people, but it certainly is not the right substitute for water. If you go to see there isn’t any substitute for water. The digestive system finds it hard to digest the carbonated water that is high on carbon dioxide. Thus, it requires the help of calcium in the body. Carbon dioxide does no good to the betterment and development of body and is thus best avoided. However, there are still numerous people who do not believe that carbonated water can cause harmful effects on the body especially bones.

Carbonated water deprives the bones of the essential calcium making it weak. Excess use of the same has known to cause small holes on the bones. This puts you on high risk of fractures. There are cases where people have been drinking carbonated water or drinks for ages, and have faced severe problems later. In one of the cases there was a lady who was habituated to drinking carbonated water with every meal and snack. It did give her immense pleasure due to its taste and also made her burp. Few years later she fell and damaged her bones. Doctors gave up the hope of fixing them as she was suffering from severe osteoporosis.

As the samples where checked and things confirmed it was found that excess carbon dioxide and acids in the body had made her bones weak. You may not realize its ill effects instantly, but it certainly causes major damage to your body. Teenagers and toddlers will age sooner than normal. Weak bones may force you to live like oldies. Weak bones also make you tired thus depriving you of your loved activities. The phosphorus present in carbonated water reduces the bone density. Yes it true that dentist use phosphorus, however it’s in very low amount.

If you compare the life of people who had lived decades back with those who presently walk the earth, they had healthier life. Hundreds of years back there were no carbonated drinks or junk food to make you unfit. Today with the market full of carbonated drinks, one easily gulps it, sidelining its ill effects. Although there is a lot written and said about the harmful effects of carbonation on bones, many people simply do not trust it.

Carbonated water makes your bones weak gradually. You may not realize it now; however, as you grow your bones will not support your body and make you tired. Also any wound on bones, may not recover due to loss of calcium and weak bones. We happily indulge in these drinks without thinking of the consequences. Thus, one must consider the effects of carbonated water on bones before gulping it like plain water.

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