is carbonated water ok

carbonated water has always been in the news for good and bad reasons. People, who love it, certainly support it while the health conscious call it nothing but rubbish. Just as we say anything in moderation is good, carbonated water in less quantity is also fine. Carbonated water was the thirst quencher for many, however, these days it’s mostly used to make hard drinks. The drink that enjoyed a great market few years back is not much in demand these days. Carbonated water contains high level of carbon dioxide that can result in future health problems.

Carbonated water is ok when drunk occasionally or very rarely. This fizzy drink is known to cause pressure on the kidney, making you rush to the wash room frequently. This can result in continuous dehydration and leave you feeling weak. Also carbonated drinks are known to absorb the calcium from the body, resulting in tooth decay and weakness in the bones. Too much of indulgence in carbonated water can result in a high risk of cancer and other illness.

Carbonated water is only ok and not good, as carbon dioxide does nothing beneficial for the body. Most carbonated drinks are acidic and contain agents that can actually clean your floor or toilet seat. You can very well imagine how strong it is and what kind of effect it can have on your body. Carbon dioxide is not a thing to be taken in. It does add a pleasant taste to the drink, but has no nutritional value. One should always choose a drink that your body can benefit from.

Carbonated water is ok to simply drink, however it can never be an option for pure form of water. Also unlike regular water, the kidney and digestive system find it hard to digest the carbonated water. Thus it takes long for your system to digest the carbonated drinks. Also absorption of calcium leads to bone disease, giving you a tough time in your older days. To save yourself from further problems, it is best to stay away from carbonated water or indulge in it rarely.

Most people hardly find any difference between the carbonated and the normal pure water. But the fact is there is a lot of difference. Also pure water is not mixed with any sodium or carbon dioxide that can pose a problem to our health. There are scientific reasons for why pure water is good for health and not carbonated water. One has to consider the health first and not taste. There are many people who do not agree that carbonated water can be harmful and hence continue indulging in it regularly.

Carbonated water is only ok to have occasionally, but making it a habit may pose a health problem later. Carbonated water only does the work of giving you a great taste; however the body needs are neglected. Thus too much dependence on carbonated water is not a healthy idea. Do consider few facts before you buy the next bottle of the carbonated soda.

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