Imagine you are one of the participants on the program Survivor. You are dropped off in a desert place with an empty bottle and a few other necessities in your backpack. No water. What are you going to do? Several innovative ideas come to mind. You could try digging deep enough until you find water, but this in its natural state will contain harmful substances; you could cut a cactus plant and drink the juice (it may be bitter); or you could pray for rain. Maybe you are not in the desert, but in a modern civilized home and pure drinking water is unavailable. Fortunately, for most of us, this is not the case, but we may wish to enhance the taste or the purity of our drinking water.

If the quality of your tap water is under question, you might try boiling it before drinking. This is the most basic method for removing impurities. Adding two drops of bleach to a quart of clean water is said to kill off harmful bacteria and render water safe for drinking. If you can spare a little more cash, you may want to add a filter to your faucet or you can even purchase a pitcher that has a filter attached to purify your water. To purify water throughout the house you can invest in a home filtration system. This greatly improves the taste and quality of the drinking water, making it safe for cooking and bathing as well. Failing this, one can always use bottled water for drinking.

A variety of drinking water is now flooding the market and our homes, giving the consumer a whole new array of choices. There is plain, carbonated or seltzer water as well as sports drinks which contain electrolytes and sweeteners. Seltzer, first used as a digestive aid, is now the drink of choice for some people for quenching their thirst or for mixing with other drinks. Seltzer is carbonated water which is water with carbon dioxide dissolved in it. It forms the basis for sodas, wines, beer and other fizzy drinks.


Homemade seltzer is easy to make, inexpensive and best of all can be made exactly the way you like it. Little fizz or more fizz, sweet or bland, flavored or unflavored, the choice is all yours. To make seltzer at home all you need is a seltzer bottle, which resembles a thermos bottle, and a charger. These are only good for a single use, but there are other systems out there that allow you to reuse the bottles and come with easy-to-follow how to instructions. They are also less inexpensive than the store-bought varieties. You can add your own flavors like lemon, strawberry, peach or lime from to make your water more healthy.

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