Berkey water filter systems are high quality filters suitable for all kinds of water

Water is the most precious thing on earth. Everyone realizes the importance and contribution of water towards a healthy life. Clean and fresh drinking water is necessary for a healthy body and no other drinks or supplements can substitute the health benefits of drinking clean water. There are few sources of clean and sparkling drinking water left anymore. Contamination of water due to high levels of chlorine, lead, harmful bacteria, chemicals, etc is common. Though water treatment systems are in place, drinking water may not always be adequately purified. What is required is a powerful water purification system that can provide us with incredibly pure and clean drinking water. Berkey Water Filter is extremely economical and provides clean pure water even in extremely hostile environments.

Berkey water filters are very powerful. They also fit into the water purifiers’ category. You can also use them to filter non potable water. You can even purify untreated water from sources like lakes, streams, ponds etc. The Berkey water filters has the ability to remove pathogenic bacteria and parasites to non detectable levels. Further it has the ability to bring down chemicals to below detectable levels and make the water safe for human consumption. It also reduces unhealthy heavy metals, nitrates, nitrites, etc without removing the healthy minerals which are of nutritional value for our body.

The filter has two components. The housing is made from super tough BPA free copolyester and there are two Black Berkey filter elements. The filters bring down the pathogens to a level of 99.99%. In the Black Berkey the purification elements reduced the pathogen level by 100%. The water filter element can be easily replaced and can even be used with other brands of water filters. It has a life of 3000 gallons and it is possible to clean the filter up to 100 times with a Scotch Brite Pad.

Assembling the Berkey is possible in a matter of minutes without any tools, electricity, water pressure or plumbing. It is extremely simple to operate and maintain. It can be easily carried anywhere even on your camping trips, college dorms, etc. It is economical with the overall cost per gallon of water coming to just over 2 cents. The water storage housing comes in high quality polished stainless steel and durable see thru Lexan, which is also used to make bullet proof glass.

There are optional eight LED lamps which provide enough light and can double up as a source of emergency light in places with none or low light conditions. The advantage of Black Berkey purification elements is its ability to remove or at least reduce to a large extent pathogenic cysts, parasites and unwanted chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides. It can even remove detergents, organic solvents, trihalomethanes, silt, foul tastes and odor. While doing all this it does not affect the healthy and beneficial minerals and leaves them in the water.

Berkey water filters have become a standard to which other water filters are compared. The manufacturers have been around for the last 200 years and have become a respected name due to the high quality of their water filters.

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