Berkey water filters for pure and healthy drinking water

Water is priceless. All health conscious people are aware and would vouch the contribution of water towards a healthy life. Pure and fresh drinking water is necessary for a healthy body. No health drinks or supplements can substitute the properties of clean drinking water. However, pure and clean water sources are becoming scarce. Most sources have some amount of contamination due to high levels of chlorine, harmful bacteria, heavy metals, chemicals, etc. Often there are water treatment systems available but drinking water may not always be adequately purified. A powerful water purification system is necessary to provide incredibly pure and clean drinking water. Berkey Water Filters are extremely powerful and can even provide clean pure water in hostile environments.

Berkey water filters are powerful enough and can be also fit into the water purifiers’ category. The filter can easily clean and filter non potable water. It can be used to purify untreated water from sources like remote lakes, stagnant ponds, streams, etc. It has the ability to remove pathogenic bacteria and parasites to non detectable levels. Moreover, it can even reduce levels of harmful chemicals to below detectable levels and make the water safe for consumption. Heavy metals like lead, as well as nitrates and nitrites can be removed without removing the healthy minerals in water that have nutritional value for our body.

Berkey water filters have two components. A housing that is made from super tough BPA free copolyester and two Black Berkey filter elements. Any filters in the water filters category are expected to bring down the pathogens to a level of 99.99%. With Black Berkey you find 100% reduction in pathogens by the purification elements. The filter element is easily replaceable and can be used with other brands of water filters as well. It has a life of 3000 gallons. You can clean the filter up to 100 times with a Scotch Brite Pad.

Berkey filters can be assembled in a matter of minutes without any tools. There is no need for electricity, water pressure or plumbing as it has a gravity flow design. The design is simple and easy to operate and maintain. You can even carry it anywhere; even on your camping trips, college dorms, etc. The overall cost per gallon of water comes to just over 2 cents making it very economical. There are two types of water storage housings; one is the high quality polished stainless steel and the other made of durable see thru Lexan which is used to make bullet proof glass. There are five different models to choose from to suit your needs.

There are optional eight LED lamps in the Berkey Light model. It has ability to provide enough light as an emergency light in places with low or no light conditions. Black Berkey purification element has immense ability to remove all or at least reduce to negligible levels pathogenic cysts, parasites and unwanted chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides. It has the ability to remove silt, organic solvents, trihalomethanes, detergents, foul tastes and odor. While removing the harmful elements it does not remove the healthy and beneficial minerals.

The Berkey water filters are a standard in themselves and a benchmark for other systems. It is filtering system that can easily give you healthy drinking water, so important for a healthy life.

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