Big Berkey water purifier is effective in purifying the toughest of contaminants.

Water is precious. All health conscious people vouch for nutritional value of drinking water. Fresh and pure drinking water sources are becoming scarce. Most sources often have a variety of contaminants in drinking water. Purification of drinking water is necessary to remove the harmful bacteria, heavy metals, chemicals, etc that are harmful for our body. Berkey water purifiers are among the best purification systems around the world. They are highly economical but very effective purification systems. Berkey water purifiers can be used to get clean drinking water in any hostile environments around the world. The Big Berkey water purifiers are perfect for our daily needs. They are effective for use in any location, at homes or even in remote places where you may be camping or traveling. They can effectively remove harmful pathogenic bacteria and unwanted contaminants from drinking water.

The Big Berkey is a system that relies on gravity. You can use it anywhere where there is a source of drinking water. It can also be used in places which may not have electricity and water pressure. There are two parts, the upper chamber which can be filled with water for purification and the lower chamber where it gets stored on being filtered and purified. You can get clean drinking water in a matter of time.

The Big Berkey is elegant. It is made from high grade polished 304 stainless steel. You can easily clean it. The strong structure and easy handling makes it highly durable. The filter elements can effectively remove harmful pathogenic bacteria like e-coli, Cryptosporidium, cholera etc. Even harmful chemicals like chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, organic solvents etc can be effectively reduced to non detectable levels. It also has the ability to remove heavy metals like lead from water. The nutrient minerals are retained even when other harmful components are removed.

The Big Berkey can be easily assembled. You can just place the upper chamber into the lower one and that makes it simple for use even if you carry it around when you are traveling. The filter elements can be removed. You simply need a Scotch Brit Pad to clean it. Whenever it needs cleaning you can remove the elements and clean them under water. The filter elements are long lasting with filtration of about 60,000 gallons before needing a change.

Big Berkey purifiers are effective and powerful in removing pathogenic bacteria, cysts, bacteria, etc. They are even used to remove food coloring from water. There are some additional facilities which you can add to the Big Berkey, like systems that can remove fluoride and arsenic. Big Berkey can also work with 4 filters. With a storage capacity of 2.25 gallons you will find it perfect for medium sized families. It can purify up to 7 gallons per hour and with increased number of filter elements its capacity can double.

Berkey water purifiers are often the benchmark for other filtering systems. It’s a good buy for your homes or even if you want it or specific occasions like outdoor functions etc. If you already have a Berkey water purifier you can upgrade to Big Berkey as and when the need arises.

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