Replacement water filter cartridge ensures you get clean and pure water for a long time

Pure and clean drinking water is precious and highly scarce. Whichever country and location you may be in, drinking water often contains some contaminants which may not always be safe for your health and may cause illnesses. This has given rise to the booming water filtering and purification systems industry. There are several manufacturers like Brita, Culligan, Aquasana, etc. The most important component of the water filters are the water filter cartridge that is responsible for the actual filtering process. You can find a variety of filter cartridges that are responsible for removing sediments, bacteria, viruses and other contaminants from water. Depending upon your location you can buy the appropriate water filter cartridge for your home.

Water filter cartridge is designed to basically remove the sediments and contaminants from water. There are often bacteria and parasites that are present in water which need to be carefully removed. While developing the filter cartridges the manufactures have to also consider the need to remove certain heavy metals and minerals that may be harmful. However, there are some minerals that are required for the body. These have to be retained while others have to be removed. In such situations the filter cartridges may be designed using a variety of techniques which enable retention of required minerals.

There are simple yet effective carbon water filter cartridges. They are relatively inexpensive and dependable. They have a life of about 6 – 9 months. They can absorb the impurities from water as it passes and depending upon the micron level can even filter out the deadly contaminants like Cryptosporidium and Guardia. There are some charcoal filters that also have activated nano-silver which provides additional antibacterial protection. There are activated carbon cartridges offered by different manufacturers like Culligan, Brita etc. These cartridges effectively remove the residual chlorine and organic compounds from water. The technique used ensures that there is no smell or toxicants left in water. They are filtered to undetectable levels or are at least neutralized. There are sediment filter cartridges. Often they range from 5 to 30 micron amount and can help filter contaminants like calcium, manganese, magnesium and soil along with other sediments. There are some iron filter cartridges which ensure removal of iron from water which is often the cause of rust stains on clothes and appliances.

The cartridge filter products are an ideal solution for small water treatment required for a household. If you consider Culligan they offer filter cartridges like 101 filter cartridge, replacement cartridge for US 600, AC30 5 Micron Cartridge, AC30 Membrane etc are available. There are cartridges available from Brita which can be used in different models of Brita. One that can be used in pitcher filters can also be used in some refrigerator filter models and other products like kettles. The benefit of water filter cartridge is the easy availability of most of these in many convenience stores. Moreover some of them may even be used in filters from different manufacturers. Often there is inter compatibility of replacement cartridges which is beneficial as you may not need to use unfiltered water just because of unavailability of one model.

Replacement Water filter cartridge is a great support system for regular change of cartridge after the life of one in use. Depending upon your need and requirement you can select from the wide range available at hand at a store near you or even on the internet on websites like Amazon.