There are several types of water filter cartridges suitable to the needs of every household

Fresh, clean and pure drinking water is precious and highly scarce. The water filtering and purification systems industry is growing, as the need for household, and office filtering systems is ever increasing. There are several manufacturers like Culligan, Brita, Aquasana, etc who offer a wide range of filters. Water filter cartridges are responsible for the filtering process. There are replacement water filter cartridges that can be used for removing sediments, bacteria, viruses and other contaminants from water. Depending upon your location and the quality of water you get, you can choose from among the different types of water filter cartridge for your household.

Water filter cartridges have the capacity to remove contaminants, sediments and even bacteria and parasites that are present in water. The water filter cartridges may also have the ability to remove certain heavy metals and minerals that may be harmful. They have to keep in mind the need to retain some minerals that are required for the human body. The technique used has to be such that the harmful ones are effectively removed.

The simplest, most economical but effective water filter cartridges are the carbon filter cartridges. The water filter medium used is charcoal medium carbon derived from coconut husk. It can absorb the impurities from water as it passes. Depending upon the micron level it may even be able to filter out the deadly contaminants like Cryptosporidium and Guardia. Another advanced technique is the use of activated nano-silver which provides additional antibacterial protection. Activated carbon cartridges from manufacturers like Culligan, Brita etc are popular and dependable. They can effectively remove the residual chlorine and organic compounds from water which ensures that there is no odor or toxins left in water.

The sediment filter cartridges, usually in ranges from 5 to 30 micron can help filter contaminants like calcium, manganese, magnesium and soil along with other sediments. The iron filters cartridges help remove iron if it exists in high quantities in water. It is very helpful to reduce rust stains on clothes and appliances.

The water filter cartridges are an ideal solution for household water treatment requirements. Manufacturers like Culligan offer filter cartridges like 101 filter cartridge, replacement cartridge for US 600, AC30 5 Micron Cartridge, AC30 Membrane etc. Brita also offers replacement cartridges which can be used in different filter models from Brita. There are some cartridges for pitcher filters which can also be used in some refrigerator filter models and other products like kettles. Water filter cartridges are easily available in most stores. Some cartridges may even be used in filters from different manufacturers. There is often inter-compatibility of replacement cartridges so that you get the best from whatever you use as well as avoid risks of non filtered water when one brand may be unavailable.

Water filter cartridges are required regularly after a certain life period of the one in use. According to your requirement you can select from a wide range available at most stores near you. You may also be able to find the perfect one for you if you visit websites like Amazon.