Drinking Water Replacement Filters

As the quality of tap water coming to our homes from the local municipal distribution system is in doubt, it is advisable to install and use a home water treatment facility, such as drinking water filter. Even if you have a private well or depend on a lake or spring for your water supply, you need to take some measures to make it safe for various uses like, drinking, cooking, bathing and cleaning. In such a situation it is wise to get water filters along with drinking water replacement filters. It will save you the botheration of looking for help after falling sick from drinking polluted water as well as the money spent on buying bottled water to avoid drinking contaminated water.

Water filters come in various forms, such as a whole house filter, a counter top filter, a shower filter or an under sink water filter. For the purpose of obtaining clean and safe drinking water, a counter top filter or an under sink filter is suitable and there are numerous models of various shapes, sizes and brands available in the market to suit every budget. Even space constraints of modern small kitchens can be taken care of. It is a good idea to survey the market and compare various models before settling on the perfect water filter and drinking water replacement filters for your home.

Generally, community water systems use chlorine to rid the water of germs and bacteria. The chlorine added to water actually gives an unpleasant smell and is also harmful to human health because it contains trihalomethanes, a carcinogenic by-product of chlorination. Apart from that water contains many other impurities like agricultural runoffs, industrial wastes, environmental pollutants and a host of minerals dissolved in it because water is the best solvent. It may contain lead, barium, micro organisms like giardia and cryptosporidium, and even rust from pipes. All these pollutants can result in serious health risks, especially for children, elderly people and pregnant women. This makes it imperative for every house hold to undertake some measures to make sure that the simplest act of drinking water when one is thirsty does not result in long term health risks. Drinking water filters provide the most common and inexpensive solution to have safe drinking water at homes, offices, schools and other public areas.

A drinking water filter consists of a cartridge filled with activated carbon which traps all the impurities and fowl smells in water. A filter can be attached to the water supply pipe directly and the water gets filtered and can come directly to the kitchen sink through a faucet or can be stored in a container and used as and when needed. Gradually, the accumulation of impurities in the cartridge may render it ineffective after some time. A carbon cartridge is good enough to purify about 500 gallons of water and needs to be replaced every six months or so. Generally, filters come with indicators which let us know that the cartridge is logged with impurities and needs to be replaced. Drinking water replacement filters are easily available and can be easily installed without any professional help. The cost of a cartridge purifying 500 gallons of water is much less compared to the numerous bottles of water which also add to the environmental pollution when emptied and tossed into landfills. Installing home water filters and drinking water replacement filters is an inexpensive and eco friendly measure which everyone should implement.

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