Pur water filter replacement cartridges ensure that your filter systems give you optimum performance

Experts assert the importance of pure and clean drinking water in our daily diet. It is an important source of many nutrients necessary for the body functions. Despite tap water that we receive being purified, there is always a chance of some contaminants being left behind. Some impurities may exist and may cause illness and other problems. Most households have now realized the importance of water filtration systems. Pur water filters are popular for performance and efficiency. Good quality Pur water filter replacement cartridges are available to satisfy the needs of your household after the life of an existing cartridge.

Water filter and purification system manufacturers ensure that replacement filter cartridges are available for the convenience of customers. You can easily replace the cartridge after the stipulated life span. A cartridge replacement is necessary to ensure optimum performance. It ensures that you get good quality drinking water. Replacement cartridges for all filters like sediment filters, carbon filter, iron reducing, fluoride reducing etc are readily available. Pur water filter replacement cartridges have an easy installation method. You would also find cartridges for their dispensers and pitcher filters as well.

You can always visit a convenience store nearby to find the type of replacement cartridge you need. Similarly online stores and the customer support websites of Pur filters also offer you a chance to choose from the range of replacement cartridges comfortably sitting at home. The 2-11/16″ x 2-11/16″ x 7″H is among the most popular Pur replacement cartridge. It can be used in Pur Plus water purifying dispenser as well as Pur Plus water purifying pitcher. The filter effectively removes microbiological cysts as well as 99.99% cryptosporidium and giardia. Lead, copper, asbestos, zinc, sediment, chlorine and even the odor and bad taste are substantially reduced with these cartridges. The replacement filter has a life span of about one to two months or about 40 gallons depending upon the quality of water you get.

The Pur 3 Stage replacement water filter includes new features and a layer to block sediments. An improved activated carbon filter and an inner core ensures cleaner and refreshing tasty water. The cartridge has ability to filter up to 100 gallons of water. The Pur Advantage Water Pitcher replacement cartridge- CRF 1550 is capable of reducing copper, sediments, lindane, atrazine, etc. It also ensures removal of smell and improves the taste of water.

Pur water filters and cartridges are user friendly and cost effective. There are replacement cartridges available for pitcher filters, faucet filters as well as refrigerator filters. Instructions for installation and change of cartridges is provided. There are flavor cartridges available for CR-5000 2 stage water pitcher. It gives clean and filtered water with the option of delicious flavor. Similarly, Pur CRF950L cartridge is a superior quality cartridge. The technique used is activated carbon, ion-exchange resin and pleated micro fiber. You can feel assured of getting water with least amount of heavy metals, sediments and odor

PUR water filter replacement cartridges are cost effective. Easy replacement of cartridges as per the prescribed guidelines ensures clean and pure drinking water for the entire household and that too at low costs.