clear water filter systems

Clear water filter systems can be used for residential and commercial use. Clearwater is one of the leading industries which provide water filtration systems for homes, offices and other commercial use. With the clear water purifier you get high quality boiled, chilled and filtered water.

In office drinking water system Clearwater provides a wide product range. These water filter systems are more convenience than bottled water. With the help of these water filters in office you can get clear and clean drinking water for your staff and in your house high quality pure drinking water for your family members.

Available commercial Clearwater filters are Office water coolers, Boiling/chilled systems, Bubblers, and under sink filtration/ purification systems. In office water coolers water is filtered through premium grade pre and carbon filtration. Main features of this cooler is that it provides better hygiene, it is a fully sealed system, it has no OH&S issues and easy to fix. Available office water coolers are; Clearwater Office spring, Clearwater Easyfull and Clearwater Autofull.

Billi Quadra, Billi Sahara, and Billi Alpine are Boiling/chilled water filters which provide both boiled and chilled drinking water. Billi Quadra is a new generation drinking water system with dual filtration and leak guard detection. Billi Sahara is a stainless steel tank with compact design. Billi Alpine is also compact filter with high energy efficiency and high quality dual filtration. All these filters are power saving filters.

The Clearwater bubbler has stainless steel cabinet and bowls. It’s premium model generally used in factories, hospitals, schools and industrial areas. Under sink filtration systems are; Twin under sink filtration system, Reverse osmosis purification system and QVS2000 dual filtration system. The Clearwater twin filter uses two filter cartridges which are usually fitted below the kitchen sink. This system can plumb into the standard cold water supply and it delivers high quality filtered drinking water. In reverse osmosis purification system tap water is forced through an extremely fine reverse osmosis membrane. This membrane filters the water down to molecular level so that all dissolved solids such as mercury, chromium, fluoride, aluminum, nitrates etc. are eliminated and we get highest quality drinking water. The Clearwater QVS2000 dual filtration system uses multi stage filtration technology. It is manufactured in Australia.

For residential you can use all these commercial filters for drinking water purification, apart from these Clearwater countertop and Clearwater shower filter can be used. The Clearwater countertop is a fully portable system. The installation of this filter is very simple; you only have to connect this filter to your existing tap. It uses one micron carbon filter cartridge which you have to replace after some time period. Also it provides protection against cryptosporidium and giardia cysts.
The presence of chlorine in the water results in dry skin, flaking scalp and brittle hair. To avoid these problems shower filter can be used. This system filters dirt, chlorine and odor. It softens hair and reduces dry, itchy skin and scalp. But you have to remember that cartridge should be replaced yearly.

The Clearwater water purifiers are the best solution for pure drinking water needs.

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