5 stage water filtration systems ensure that most contaminants in water are removed

Water often contains contaminants like sodium, fluoride, copper, lead, and so on which can be harmful as well as lead to bad odor and taste. There are different filtration systems available to remove such contaminants. Reverse osmosis purification systems are among the most preferred filtration systems. Reverse osmosis helps improve taste and quality of water substantially. There are some 5 stage water filtration systems that effectively remove a large amount of contaminants and ensure that you get clean, pure and fresh drinking water for the entire household.

The 5 stage water filtration systems for RO systems are highly effective and can remove a large number of contaminants. Generally these systems include use of sediment pre-filter, carbon block pre-filter, RO membrane and so on. Most 5 stage systems designed by different manufacturers like Multi-Pure, PUR, Brita, GE and so on include similar stages. At the end of the process of purification you would feel assured that you are getting disinfected water free from most types of contaminants.

In the first stage the sediment pre-filter is commonly used. It screens out particulates, sediments, sand particles of up to 5 microns. You would find a substantial improvement in the appearance of water. These filters need replacement in about 6 months. In second stage high quality carbon block pre-filters are used. Carbon pre filters have ability to remove contaminants like Trihalomethanes, pesticides, herbicides, chlorine, organic chemicals, lead and aluminum. There is an enhanced reduction in bad odor and taste of water. In third stage too there is a secondary carbon pre-filter that provides effective filtration and improved membrane performance which ensure that chlorine and other such contaminants are reduced.

The fourth stage involves a TFC high capacity reverse osmosis membrane that has ability to separate unwanted inorganic impurities, nitrates, fluoride, etc. It can also reduce salt and certain heavy metals. The approximate life of membrane is about 2 years. It has the ability to process up to 50 gallons per day. The last stage has Carbon post filter which works towards removing whatever contaminants remain even after four stages. It can intercept particles as small as 0.5 micron. It electro-kinetically adsorbs particles by attracting negative ions of certain chemicals, heavy metals etc. It is advisable to change the filter in about a year.

The 5 stage water filtration systems are designed so that there is a substantial reduction of arsenic, asbestos, cadmium, barium, fluoride, copper, giardia, cryptosporidium, entamoeba, toxoplasma, selenium, turbidity, nitrate, etc. It also removes VOCs like Atrazine, benzene, carbofuran, endrin, dinoseb, lindane, styrene and many more. All these contaminants are not necessarily present everywhere. If you undertake an analysis of the water you would be able to know what is present and is harmful.

Depending upon the level of contamination you can choose the Reverse osmosis 5 stage water filtration system that different manufacturers like Multi Pure, Culligan, Brita, etc offer. Ensure timely maintenance and replacement of filters to ensure that the quality of purification is not affected. You can be assured of getting clean and pure water for all purpose if you follow the instructions properly.

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