Badger water softeners are well designed to soften water and make it usable for all purposes

In some places there is too much calcium, magnesium, and iron in water. These contaminants cause scaling and staining which can be very unsightly. Water softeners are highly effective in reducing hardness of water and make is safer for drinking as well as all other purposes. There are several manufacturers of water filters and softeners like Whirlpool, GE, Badger, Kenmore, Culligan, Brita, etc. These companies offer great softening and treatment systems. The Badger Soft Water Inc offers different types of Badger water softeners which prove to be highly effective in most places.

Badger Soft Water Inc. has been around for a long time and has kept pace with technology and come up with new and more efficient water softening systems. Among the popular Badger water softeners are the H-100 Water Softener, Pro Mate 6 water softener and WM3 water softener. They offer systems suitable for home as well as large residential and commercial establishments. Usually technique used in water softeners is aimed at ensuring that large amount of calcium and other components in water are reduced substantially during the process. As hard water enters Badger water softener it is passed through an ion exchange resin which is charged with sodium ions. Calcium and magnesium i.e. the hard water ions are attracted to this resin and same amount of sodium ions are bumped off into water. When water reaches bottom of tank it is softened.

The Pro-mate 6.0 is among the most popular Badger water softeners. Installing a Pro mate 6.0 would surely show its effect in every part of your home, kitchen, and bathroom, laundry with a cleaner, fresher and brighter feel to everything. The softener technique in all these systems is nearly same with additional features provided in a few. The Pro mate has a premium 10% cross linked resin which offers higher tolerance for chlorine and prevents degradation from oxidizers. It has user friendly design and assembling it is extremely easy and possible in a matter of few minutes. Moreover there is lithium battery that maintains readings during power outages. Even in case of changing water usage patterns it has a variable reserve which automatically adjust to that pattern. It is fully programmable and also has an optional double backwash. It ensures peak efficiency and optimal regeneration with minimal water usage to meet whatever water conditions exist. The Water Mate 3 is also similar with easily adjustable regeneration settings. It also has time controlled brine refill that ensures efficient salt usage. It ensures that your salt tank is cleaner and utilized at100% capacity.

Badger water softeners have a better system where ion exchange resin for a tank needs to be recharged when it becomes saturated with calcium and magnesium. There is a controller for the purpose which uses the stand-by unit tank when the tank in use needs recharging and regeneration. A strong brine solution is sent into the tank which flushes the calcium and magnesium ions from resin and attaches itself. A final rinse ensures rinsing of unused brine from the system. This enables fully recharge of the tank so that you get good quality soft water.

Badger water softeners are available at different stores and you can buy whichever suits your needs the best. Ensure that you undertake monitoring and maintenance of these systems as advised by the manufacturer for efficient working of the softener systems.

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