Dupage water softeners are available for residential as well as commercial purposes

Water softeners and conditioners are very important when you are facing the problem of hard water. Hard water often causes staining and scaling as well as damages appliances like dish washers and washing machines. If you have water softeners for your entire household then it can help reduce the problem of hard water to a large extent. Culligan, Whirlpool, GE, Dupage, Pure Water, are among the many manufacturers of water softeners. Dupage water softeners and conditioning systems are popular for customer satisfaction that they are able to provide. They have retail products as well as products for commercial and large residential complexes which are more popular.

With Dupage water softeners and conditioners you can provide your family with soft and pure conditioner water for all purposes. The use of Dupage conditioners gives one more benefit. You would not be adding phosphate detergent and would rather be returning unpolluted, cleaner water to the rivers and streams. The TTF models from Dupage are a great investment to last you a lifetime. It is available in different sizes and can efficiently condition water for any household or even for commercial establishments.

The Dupage conditioner tank consists of an inner shell of smooth, non-permeable, thermoplastic with fiberglass filament for better performance. The valve is made from brass and is operated with a separate heavy duty piston drive motor. The brine system is motorized and brine valve backup system is available for safety. The salt tanks are made from rigid, high impact non toxic polyethelene. They are free from cracking, rust, dents, corrosion or leakage. For softening and conditioning, the Dupage water softeners and conditioners have a premium quality polystyrene sulfonate cation exchange resin. This gives it the capacity for high cation exchange as well as stability.

Dupage water softeners for commercial purposes are the most popular products. All their assembled softeners and filters have been designed with great care using the finest components. They also sell the Fleck Residential and commercial softener as well as the Autotrol Residential water softeners. There are about 7 different systems with varied capacities and settings. Their regeneration setting can be adjusted. There are day clock regeneration systems as well as meter demand delayed regeneration systems.

The advantages of using Dupage water softeners for commercial or household purpose are many. Conditioned water does not loose any necessary and useful minerals. The calcium and magnesium when removed or reduced means there would be lesser lime scale buildup. Similarly other contaminants like iron are also removed. When there is scaling it can cause heating systems to be burdened and in turn utilizing too much of energy. With softeners put to use, the hard water which is now softened helps ensure that such problems do not arise. You can even see the difference on your clothing which gets a cleaner, brighter look. Even the stains on bath tubs, faucets and tiles are reduced.

Overall water softeners are beneficial. You can feel assured of getting clean, soft, healthier water using Dupage water softeners.

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