Emergency water filtration system ensure that you get clean and pure drinking water during emergencies

Clean and pure water sources are becoming rare. The purified municipal water contains contaminants. Even the fresh flowing stream somewhere in the mountains contains contaminants. There is often some or other filtration systems installed at home. During emergency situations or natural disasters like floods, hurricanes etc the greatest problem is getting clean and safe drinking. Similarly on camping trips and treks somewhere in the mountains with streams flowing freely, you may expect water to be clean. You can get different types of emergency water filtration systems for different purposes.

During floods or times after hurricanes most sources are contaminated. During disasters as well as in remote areas water sources may be there, but could be muddy or brackish. Out on camping trips, treks a clear looking stream, lake may also have some contaminants present. Clean and pure drinking water is a luxury during such times. One of the ideal solutions to get clean and pure water is forward osmosis. Different manufacturers like Pure Water, Brita, Katadyn, amongst many others offer different emergency water filtration systems that can provide you pure water. For example the emergency filter from Hydrowell uses the forward osmosis filter. It ensures that there is no problem of clogging as it operates passively without pressure. In emergencies you are assured of getting clean drinking water from whatever source of water.

For emergency water filtration the name that is known world wide is the Big Berkey water filters. Big Berkey filters come in various sizes and are extremely compact and easy to carry around. They are gravity filters and do not need electricity and plumbing. Thus you can use them anywhere even without plumbing and electricity. You can easily manage its installation without any tools. In an emergency Big Berkey filters can remove contaminants like e coli, cholera, Giardia, etc from any water source like a pond, creek, lake, river, well, or rain water.

Pure Water’s Biological filter bottle is a very interesting emergency filtration system. It has a 2 stage filtering process. During stage one, a pre-filter, made from level 2 carbon composite filter is used. The filter effectively reduces small particulate matter, chlorine, lead, mercury, copper, VOCs and so on. A biological filter which removes bacteria, cysts, protozoa and cryptosporidium from water forms the stage 2 filter. Replacement filter packs for these filters are available. To get clean water you simply fill the bottle from whatever source you have and squeeze to pass water through filter elements.

Katadyn Exstream XR Personal water purifier is considered the best emergency water filtration system. It uses the Virustat filter technology, microfiltration and carbon filter. The combination gives it the ability to remove all organisms from drinking water. The bottle style filters are extremely handy in emergency situations as well as camping and backpacking when clean water is not easily available.

Emergency water filtration systems come to your rescue during emergency situations like flooding. Whatever the source you can now feel assured of clean, pure and fresh drinking water.

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