Emergency water purification pumps should be a part of your emergency kit

Clean and pure drinking water is rare. During emergency situations like flooding, hurricanes or even when you are in remote areas, hiking or trekking you may not find clean drinking water anywhere. Even the flowing streams from the mountains contain some contaminants. During floods it is a situation of ‘water- water everywhere and not a drop of water to drink’. In such situations if you have emergency water purification pumps, you can ensure that you get clean and pure water. There are manufacturers like Brita, Katadyn, Berkey, Culligan, etc who offer high quality purification pumps that are easy to carry and use.

When you are hiking and are in need of drinking water it is best to have an emergency water purification pump in your emergency kit. Emergency kits at home maintained for situations like floods, tornadoes, hurricanes should include a water purification pump. You can go without food for a day or two but not without water. Clean and pure drinking water is necessary in any situation. Some of the known models are the Miniworks EX, Katadyn Hiker Microfilter, Pre-Mac MWP Water purifier pump, etc.

Katadyn portable and emergency purification systems are often selected as the best in the category and they have shown good results in most cases. Among the emergency water purification pumps category too, Katadyn Hiker Water Microfilters have done a good job and meets the standards in reduction of about 99.99% bacteria, protozoa cysts like giardia and cryptosprodium, etc. It also has the ability to reduce unpleasant taste and odors from water. The pump has the ability to filter up to 1 quart per minute. Its pump handle design is very simple and very easy to use. It does not require too much of maintenance and cleaning. Overall it is highly economical and a good addition to your emergency gear.

The MSR Miniworks EX Microfilter is another emergency water purification pump that has delivered in the most demanding environments. In emergency situations when there is heavy use and frequent need of the system it has proved to be very useful. It can pump one liter per minute and you can also adjust flow rate. It is compact and very light in weight making it suitable for emergency use and reliable when on adventures. You can feel assured of clean water free from organic compounds like chlorine, pesticides, iodine etc. The ceramic plus carbon filter media ensures that the unpleasant taste and odor from water is removed.

Another one is the Pre-Mac water purifier pump which can be used with NatoFlask Black water bottle. It has an advanced filtration and disinfection process that helps reduce the risk of diarrhea and other illnesses caused due to bacteria, viruses and cyst in water. It has a replaceable cartridge which can be used for up to 200 liters of impure water. It is among the best thing you can have during emergencies like floods when the possibility of water borne diseases is high.

There are several more emergency water purification pumps available. You can get any one that you like for your emergency kit. You can now feel assured of getting clean and pure drinking water which is very rare during emergencies.

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