GE Autotrol water softeners for hard water problems

Water contains contaminants like calcium, iron, magnesium, etc. Hard water is a major problem and leads to lime scale buildup and staining on plumbing fixtures and appliances. Water filters as well as softeners are very effective in reducing the ill effects of hard water. Most manufacturers of filters like GE, Kenmore, Whirlpool, Brita, Culligan, etc develop softeners that helps reduce the hard water problem. Water softeners and filters are a great combination to ensure that you get clean, pure, fresh and soft water for all purposes. The GE Autotrol water softeners are highly effective and use latest technology to help reduce hard water problems.

GE’s Water & Process Technologies group makes the GE Autotrol water softeners. These water softeners include a time clock and demand regenerated systems. Depending upon your need you can choose which valve combination you want to use. Likewise, if you want the time-clock systems then the Autotrol 255/742 valve + controller combination is offered to you. If you need the demand generated softeners then they have the 255/760 combination for you. The advantage of using such systems is their performance and longevity. The Autotrol valves usually have a 5 year warranty.

The GE Autotrol 255/760 water softeners use the Autotrol 255 valves with Logix 760 digital controller. The technique behind this is that the softeners are metered and regeneration occurs automatically depending upon the amount of water used. In simple terms it measures the quantity of water used by you and only regenerates when necessary. This results in substantial saving of water and salt as against the time clock regenerated water softener systems. It is ideal for well water as well as city water with moderate hardness. The working of the softener is dependent upon the resin used inside the Autotrol 255. The resin is attracted to both calcium and magnesium containing compounds. When they come in contact with the water softener resin, they adhere to the resin and are trapped. A sodium particle is released when the hardness compound is trapped. Overtime the resin is saturated with hardness particles and needs to be rinsed. The softeners rinses the resin with salty water called brine which causes release of the hardness particles. These are flushed to the drain and the resin recharged with sodium from brine.

The GE Autotrol water softeners which fall under the time clock category regenerate based on user defined schedule. It uses the Autotrol 255 valve and Logix 742 electronic controller. The functioning of the resin is similar to the metered regeneration systems. The only difference lies in the regeneration schedule which is based on the amount of time that has elapsed since last regeneration. It has a Logix 742 electronic controller. There is a fully programmable time clock control feature. It ensures that there is an 8 hour power back up that maintains time setting during power outages. It is effective like the metered regeneration systems with the only difference of user settings for regeneration used.

GE Autotrol water softeners are effective in reducing the hard water problem and use different technologies for regeneration of resin. You would get softeners of varying capacities to suit the hardness of water. You can surely see the benefits of softened water with whiter laundry, softer hair, skin and fabric and reduced scaling and staining.

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