Hauge water softeners use patented technology that is developed keeping in mind minimum wastage and use of water and salt

Hard water is often a major cause of problems to plumbing fixtures. The calcium, iron, and other dissolved impurities cause scaling and staining of appliances and bathroom accessories. Drinking water may also have an unpleasant taste and odor due to the dissolved impurities. The water softeners from various manufacturers like GE, Brita, PUR, etc provide a great solution to ensure that hardness of water is substantially reduced and you can enjoy the good, natural taste of water. Hauge water softeners are well known for effective functioning in most situations.

The Hauge water softeners V series has been designed keeping in mind need for converting hard water to soft water at varying levels. The softener systems are designed to provide trouble free service with high efficiency and a strong warranty. The Hauge WaterMax system is a great solution to solve home specific water problems and hard water. The multi compartment tank ensures complete flexibility in using water treatment media. Compartment 1 is the ‘ultra-fil’ which helps filter dirt and sediments from water. It is a self cleaning system and there is no cartridge change required. It needs no replacement filters and maintenance. The second compartment ‘ultra soft’ contains high capacity fine mesh resin, which is vacuum vibrapacked. It ensures maximum treatment of hardness of water. There is a bacteriostat system also present which ensures bacterial growth in the resin bed is prevented. You may choose the filter media as required for treating dirt and sediments or even have systems to reduce excess amount of hardness, treating hard water or treating sulfur odor and so on. These water softeners use the up-flow soft water regeneration which helps cut salt use by about 50% as compared to other softeners. There is a controller which ensures that water use is measured and adjustments made to amount of salt and water used for regeneration.

There are two more softener systems. One is the TIL Twin tank softeners which is highly efficient in providing 24 hour soft water. The twin tanks operate in parallel during operation at high flow rates and then alternate during regeneration. Another Hauge water softener system is the Hydroclean HC3 softener. All these three Hauge water softeners use the patented technology which ensures highest efficiency, and minimum wastage of water and salt. The patented feature enables measuring amount of reserve capacity and adjusts water and salt usage for regeneration. It protects your system from power loss with power outage protection. There is a backlit LCD display so that you are able to view in darkened rooms also. There is a 13” directional flow screen that pushes water evenly through a uniform fine mesh resin that is about 70% smaller than normal resin. This enables improved softening performance as well as water pressure. Even for regeneration, the wasteful hard water pocket is eliminated and resin is cleaned quickly with minimum water and salt use.

Hauge water softeners are effective and ensure that you get clean and pure softened water. With the patented technology used they ensure that there is minimum wastage of water and salt. You are assured of softened water and freedom from stains and scales for your entire household.

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