Sea water cartridge filtration systems of varying capacities are available to ensure clean water for use

There is need for filtration and purification of water used for most purposes. Even sea water may be used in some places and its filtration becomes very important. Research is undertaken occasionally to find out better filtration methods and effects of different factors on efficiency of such filtration systems. There was a paper presented in the ‘Offshore Technology Conference’ at Houston, Texas in May 2006 where a study was conducted on effect on cartridge filter of sea water in Gulf of Mexico. It concluded that the two filter series is a better seawater filtration system than just a single filter system.

In this research conducted the effect of seasonal algae that bloom on seawater and their effect on cartridge filters and need for change of filters was considered. The micron rating required for these cartridge filters was important to ensure that seawater treatment is effectively done. In this test carried out there were two cartridge filters used. The first filter used was a nominal pore size filter of 50 micron. The second filter used was 10 micron absolute filter. Each cartridge filter was constructed using polypropylene. The cartridge filter skid had a chemical injection pump, a pressure relief valve, a pressure regulator, a pressure recorder, two differential pressure recorders and a flow totalizer that would record process conditions. The pilot testing carried out monitored the SDI of feed seawater. After about use of about 400 run hours, the drop in pressure from the first stage filter was higher than the second filter. This was due to the effect of solid biological material deposited on the first stage filter surface.

There are other seawater filters as well. The Amafilter seawater cartridge filter is useful for removal of solid contaminates from water and emulsions. It is a back flushing filter and ensures filtered residues are automatically discharged without interrupting the process of filtration. The needle slot elements are made of stainless steel, super duplex or titanium and have a filtration range of about 2000 micron to 10 micron. The filtered solids are then systematically removed using the back flushing operation. Back flushing is highly effective and fast procedure as only a small part of the filtration area is cleaned at a time. The filtered sea water can be used in cooling engines, generators, heat exchanger and other special equipment. It can also be used for treatment of waste water from petrochemicals and chemical plants as well as in the oil and gas industry onshore as well as offshore.

There are other cartridge filters like wound cartridge filters, melt blown cartridge filters which can effectively help sea water treatment. The wound cartridge filter is made from natural or synthetic yards. These can help in filtration of sand, scale, lime, rust etc. They are in a filtration range of 0.5 – 150 micron. Another is a melt blown cartridge made from pure polypropylene micro fibers thermally bonded together to avoid fiber migration. These cartridge filters can be used in sea water treatment and desalination systems.

There are a wide range of sea water cartridge filtration systems available that may be used as per the need in a particular place.

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