Water purification systems are an important part of the camping survival gear

Clean and pure water is necessary wherever you go. Even when you are camping it is important to know that water from a natural source or running water also has the possibility of contamination and pollution. There is always a possibility of microorganisms like bacteria and parasites that may lead to illness. As a part of your camping survival gear, water purification systems are an important component. There are manufacturers like Katadyn, PureWater, Brita, Berkey, etc who offer a huge range of water purification systems.

When you are camping the most important thing is to have some source of clean and pure drinking water. You may survive without food for a few days, but cannot survive more than a day without water. You may feel that the running streams, the sparkling lakes etc would be a source of clean and pure water. However, even these sources may contain some contaminants. Among the most popular brand is the Katadyn range of emergency water purification systems. Their Katadyn Exstream XR Water purifier Bottler ultralight series with Virustat filter. It is the only EPA registered purifier bottle. The reason for the popularity of this filter is the convenience of use as compared to the pump style water filters. You simply have to scoop and fill up water, no need for any unpacking, assembling, or pumping. The 3 component Virustat microbial cartridge can remove about 99.9% of cysts and protozoa like Giardia and Cryptosporidium. Similarly it is also able to kill about 99.9999% of water borne bacteria and 99.99% of water borne viruses. The design of the filter bottle makes it excellent for traveling, biking, day hikes, fishing, etc.

Another interesting one is the Katadyn Base Camp Microfilter. The best part about this filter is that it is lightweight and can easily be carried by a person on camping trips. You simply need to fill it and hang it. No pumping is required, gravity does the work. It is ideal for groups or families when large volume of water is needed. It uses the cleanable Hiker PRO cartridge which has the ability to remove bacteria, giardia, cryptosporidium, etc. The Katadyn Pocket water filter purifier that has been in the market for about thirty years now is amongst the finest available filter for trekking and camping. It works exceptionally well to clean dangerous pathogens, bacteria and protozoa. It also works well with turbid water laden with silt or algae. You are assured of clean and disinfected drinking water.

Other brands like Frontier Emergency Water filter system, Mcett Aquamira water bottle and filter are also a great choice for camping survival gear. The Frontier system is ideal filter straw for emergency use when hiking as you can easily carry it in your day pack, pockets and use it to drink from any bottle or cup. Rather than the heavy and bulky pump filtration units the Aquamira Frontier is easier to carry as a part of your camping survival gear for water purification.

There are many more water purification systems fit for you camping survival gear. Keeping one with you is always advisable so that you can feel assured of getting clean and pure drinking water.

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