Homemade water filter

the rising water pollution has become the major culprit causing concerns over clean and pure water among the masses. Water being the essential part of our lives, one can not ignore it. Today despite numerous water filters easily available in the market, many people prefer homemade water filters. They are easy to make, are reliable and do not need you to spend a bomb. Homemade water filters may not be very attractive but they will surely do the work of filtration in the desired manner. The reason why many people are turning to homemade water filter is that it’s affordable and assures you pure water, as you take every step to ensure you get hygienic water.

Homemade water filter is easy to make and does not need you to spend much. You can collect things from your home and put it together to create your filter or buy the required parts from distributors and assemble it. You can make homemade filter that do not work on electricity and save some more bucks. A charcoal based filter is popularly used when it comes to homemade purifiers. All the charcoals need to be put up together that can hold back the impure particles so you can easily get pure and germs free drinking water.

Carbon based filters are other reliable source of filtered water. Simply add carbon powder or blocks to your homemade filter and get wholesome water. When water passes through these carbon blocks, it eliminates all the impure compounds and you receive hygienic water in the attached container. Many people prefer carbon based filter as it gives high standard of pure and healthy water. Once the type of filter is chosen, you simply need to fix it to your homemade arrangement. Once you fix it in, allow some water to run through it, just as we do it with other water filters from market. This will help clear all the unwanted particles and the filter will be ready with its purification process.

When you choose plastic to assemble and make your homemade filter, make sure you use good quality plastic bottles or containers. This will help you generate good quality filtered water. To collect the clean water, you would also need a good container. A jug or any deep container would do. For the main body of the filter you can use 2 large bottles of filtered water. Simply cut of its bottom and pierce a small hole to its lid. Take cotton batting which needs to be placed at the bottom. They help is catching impure particles and not let it through in the final and last step of filtration.

Put in a straw in the hole that you made on the lid. This will allow the water to flow in. Place in your charcoal filter blocks followed by alternate layers of fine and large grain sand. Now place in coffee filter at the top of your structure. Put in some drops of chlorine to ensure better filtration. The layers will help eradicate impurities and the straw placed in will help get out the pure form of water straight into the jar or container.

Homemade water filter can be made with less efforts and cost and is thus beneficial. Even you can make this at home without much hassle. Homemade water filter will not only ensure clean and hygienic water but also give you the satisfaction of protecting your family from impurities found in municipal tap water.