Household water filtration systems

Centuries back, our ancestors never had to worry about getting clean and pure water. Even the water from lakes and rivers was clean enough to drink without any fear of water borne diseases. However, today the scenario has changed and one can’t even rely on bottled and tap water. Although the municipal water does undergo a filtration process at the local units, it does not produce enough clean and germ free water. With the increase in the water pollution, the household water filtration systems have gained demand as a source of filtered and pure water.

Household water filters ensure that you get water that is free of contaminated particles and organic compounds. Most purifiers are successful in eliminating even the minutest particles while few are good enough to even remove fluoride and chlorine. Unlike the ancient days, the market today is flooded with wide range of household water filtration systems. These filtration systems are available in various shapes, colors and capacities. There are several brands that are doing good business in water purification systems. Right from inline water purification systems to faucet mounted systems you have a good choice to choose from.

The inline household water filtration systems are prefixed to water pipes so you directly get pure and filtered water from the tap. However, with faucet mounted water filters, you need to fill the container to allow the purification process to take place before letting out pure water. The inline water system is normally fixed beneath the sink and occupies a huge space. However, it relives you from frequently filling the water. With inline purification system, you have to do nothing other than cleaning and maintaining it once in a while.

The mountain faucet purifiers are generally carbon or charcoal based. They have an easy to fit in cartridge that needs to be replaced after the given span of time. Also they are user friendly and allow you to place it anywhere in your home. These purifiers require some amount of maintenance. Also they come in various shapes and colors that make them trendy and appealing. Mountain faucet water purifiers are affordable and easy on your pockets where as inline systems will cost you a bit. However, inline water systems last long and thus its gives you value for money.

As there is a wide range of household water filtration systems available in the market, it gets a bit confusing when it comes to choosing the best. Always check out on every available option and then go for the one that suits your requirements. Remember to check if the purifier has been approved by the concerned authority and has met all the essential industry standards. Always ask for a demo as this will give you an insight on how the filter works.

There are few inline as well as faucet purifiers that do come along with an indicator or alarm that reminds you of changing the cartridges. This allows you to replace the cartridge well in time to continue getting pure and bacteria free water.
Household water filtration systems have made it easy and convenient to get pure and contamination free water without having to boil it or go through other hassles like spending huge amounts on bottled water.