Depending upon level of contamination of iron and other pollutants you can choose the appropriate whole houe iron water filter

Iron contamination is common in well water. However, you should be aware that it can also be present in municipal water that you get. Iron contamination can be in the form of particulates, rust, etc or may be dissolved iron present in water. Iron contamination is not that harmful to your health but a most common cause of damage to plumbing as well as other household appliances. Filtration systems for removal of iron are of importance in such homes. There are whole houe iron water filter systems available that are suitable to reduce iron contamination to a large extent. Whole house iron water filter systems help reduce the effect of iron and make the water suitable for drinking or any other purpose.

Iron water filters are available for point of use as well as for the whole house. If water contains iron, it often leaves brown or orange stains on bathtubs, showers and harms the plumbing throughout. Whole house systems are preferred though they are comparatively expensive. These filters are designed to remove high levels of iron, hydrogen sulfide, and manganese contamination. The filter design is not harmful and there is no risk of chemicals seeping in water which makes it fit for drinking.

The whole house iron water filters contain manganese greensand which removes the polluting elements through an oxidation process. The taste of water and clarity improves and whatever odor present caused due to other contaminants is also eliminated. The filtration process makes water substantially free from iron which in turn protects plumbing system including showers, bath tubs, clothes washer, dishwashers etc from staining. The iron filters are generally installed on the main water line. In some filters the filter media is regenerated periodically automatically. This causes backwashing of trapped minerals to drain and regeneration by replacing oxygen which is done by introducing potassium permanganate to the media. Some iron removal filters can also be added to the reverse osmosis system if you have it installed at home. Reduction in iron and manganese helps improve life of reverse osmosis membrane in RO system that you may have.

The advantages of whole house iron water filters are many. There are some systems available which use manganese greensand technology. With improved technology manufacturers have also developed systems that do not require media regeneration and need no backwashing. These are good quality filter cartridges and replacement cartridge designed to fit on main water line. They are small in size and do not take up much space. Its working is same with soluble iron or ferrous and manganese being oxidized and precipitated with contact with higher oxides in greensand granules. Hydrogen sulfide that causes rotten egg smell in water is removed with oxidation to sulfur precipitate. The precipitates are then filtered. The mechanical filters take care of ferric iron.

The life expectancy of these filters depends on level of contamination of iron. You should check specifications of manufacturers and carry out some research to find out what would be best capacity whole houe iron water filter suitable for your household. With iron contamination taken care you can feel assured of consuming clean and pure water as well as get freedom from rust stains on plumbing and other appliances.