ecor environmental water filters

There are several contaminants present in water that may be harmful for your health. Similarly there are some contaminants like iron which may not be harmful to your health but surely damage the health of plumbing fixtures and other appliances. You may be using bottled water for drinking but what about cooking and other purposes? It is the same contaminated water that we end up using. However, the solution lies in installing water filtration systems which would be able to effectively remove or reduce contaminants like, chlorine, iron, hydrogen sulfide, cysts, giardia, etc. Manufacturers like Brita, Culligan, Ecor environmental, etc develop a variety of water filters that can be used depending upon the contaminants present at a particular location. Ecor Environmental has water filters like counter top, under sink, whole house and even pitcher filters.

Ecor Environmental has high quality and highly effective filtration systems. There are pitcher filters, faucet mounts, etc that you can choose. If you want some neat filter that can fit your refrigerator and one which can be easily moved to the table then you would find Ecor pitcher water filters really useful. They can remove hundreds of contaminants from your water with 4 stage filtration. The ion exchange resin that is present helps reduce heavy metals like lead, copper, aluminum as well reduce the water hardness. The KDF 55 and KDF 85 filtration systems helps remove iron, mercury, copper, nickel, chromium and dissolved metals. It helps reduce the microorganisms, fungi and scaling that is caused due to contaminated water. The granulated activated carbon filters are very effective in reducing chlorine, pesticides and chemicals from water as well as reduce the bad taste and odor. Such effective removal of contaminants with the ease of handling is surely worth considering.

Ecor Environmental also offers disposable counter top water filters with varying capacities. It is an attractive, easy to install and use filtration system that can remove contaminants in 6 steps. It uses the latest filtration technology that includes using adsorption capability of coconut shell activated carbon with REDOX etc. It can effectively reduce sediment, sand, rust, copper, chlorine, dirt, hydrogen sulfide, pesticides and herbicides, VOCs, etc. It can last for around 1 to 3 years and can easily be attached to the standard water faucet with no plumbing required. There is even a plastic valve handle which enable switching or changing to tap or filtered water. Similarly you can also have the under sink water filter that can remove most contaminants mentioned above. If you do not want the countertop models that take up space then these under sink models are equally efficient in removing the contaminants. They can be used to filter around 10000 gallons of water and make it safe for drinking, cooking etc.

Ecor environmental water filters are manufactured with great care and using the latest technology. With undesirable particles removed from water you can feel assured about the quality and purity of water. Depending upon the nature of contaminants that are present in water you can choose the appropriate water filtration system. There are disposable filters as well as replacement filters that you may choose to clean the impurities to have pure and great tasting water.