Iron water filtration systems ensure that iron contamination is substantially reduced

Iron is among the most common contaminants in well water. However, even municipal water in some areas may be contaminated with iron particles. Iron contamination of drinking water is not necessarily harmful for your health. It is more harmful for the health of your plumbing and other appliances. You may have noticed the yellow and orange stains present on your appliances and even on the laundry. This is because of the iron present in water. It is necessary for you to have iron water filtration systems installed for your household.

Iron water filtration systems are available at the entire household level or even at point of use. Generally in areas where you have a huge amount of iron present in water you may prefer to install whole house iron filters. These may be expensive but would be very useful in ensuring that plumbing in your home; electronic appliances, baths, showers, etc stay in a better condition. The staining on the laundry, bathtubs etc. is the result of iron and rust particles in water. With whole house systems in place such staining may be substantially reduced. There are manufacturers like Brita, Culligan, Crystal Quest, etc who offer whole house systems. Whole house systems require regular maintenance and user monitoring to ensure efficiency is maintained for a long time.

One manufacturer of iron water filtration systems has a very interesting iron filter on offer. It is a whole house filter and filter cartridge system, perfect for use at home as well as offices. It is 10″ * 2.5″ iron removal filter that can be installed into any standard size water filter. It is highly effective in removing iron from water which helps eliminate orange or brown stains on sinks, toilets and bathtubs. The filter material consists of polypropylene, polyolefin, polyethylene, Buna-N. All components of the filter cartridge are safe for use even safe for drinking water. Moreover, it improves taste of water and removes any odor. The filter is also suitable for under sink or countertop water filter. However, it is not suitable where iron contamination is very high like well water treatment systems. It has shown excellent performance with point of use systems.

Another interesting iron water filtration system is ‘2 cu ft Cuno Aqua Pure Iron removal system – APIF200’. The APIF is a series of iron reduction filters which Aqua pure offers. It has an electronic metered valve so that you can regularly monitor the system. The filter does not need any chemicals, chlorine, salt or potassium. It can effectively reduce rotten egg odor and give better tasting drinking water. The effective removal of iron particles ensures that rust stains from plumbing fixtures and laundry are substantially reduced. Another feature is that it has the ability to automatically adjust pH of acid water that helps reduce corrosion.

Most iron water filtration systems are highly effective in removing ferric iron and dissolved iron. Depending upon extent of contamination the life expectancy of filters may differ. Where iron contamination is present it is extremely necessary to use iron removal filters. You have a wide range to choose from as per your need and ensure the health of your entire household.