Water bottles filter for steam iron to avoid clogging of steam holes

There are various contaminants in water that may be harmful to your health. You may already be using filters to ensure clean and pure drinking water. You may have also noticed that when you have hard water it causes lime scale buildup and staining which can be rather unsightly. It is mostly calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese and other components that often causes scaling, staining and damages the plumbing fixtures. You may be using steam iron that has reservoirs to hold water which is passed through the steam holes. Over time these holes get clogged if you are using hard water. To keep the problem under control and prolong the life of your steam iron you may use steam irons that have water bottles with filters.

Calcium, manganese, iron, etc cause considerable damage to plumbing systems and other appliances like washing machines, dish washers, steam irons etc. Scaling on bathtubs and clogging of showers is caused due to calcium. Steam irons need a reservoir for water. The steam on heating passes through the holes as you use it for ironing. The steam holes are clogged due to calcium and other contaminants present in water. This may lead to no steam passing through them thus making your iron useless. Having a steam iron with water filter is the solution that will ensure that no such clogging problem occurs.

Manufacturers like Morphy Richards developed steam iron with water filter bottles. You need to attach the bottle for a continuous flow of water at a height. It should be around 1 meter above the pressing surface. A hose is attached to the bottle and the iron. Whenever water is required the bottle valve would be opened and the hose allowed to fill with water. Generally the filter is below the valve so that it removes the contaminants before it goes into the steam iron. With contaminants removed there is no scaling or clogging of steam holes due to calcium and other particles. Some manufacturers also provide demineralizers that can be added to the water in the bottle. It is also useful in prolonging the life of steam iron by preventing calcium build-up. Just empty a demineralizer package, fill it with tap water and start using the steam iron as per manufacturer’s instructions.

Replacement filters are also available for steam irons with bottle filters. You can get a pack of these filters at a very low cost from websites like espares.com, amazon.com and so on. Reduction in lime scale build up and removal of most contaminants is a benefit difficult to ignore. You simply need to match the filter that matches the particular steam iron model. The wearing of clothing due to the tiny debris, limestone and other hard water particles as well as staining is drastically reduced. Replacement of filters after specified time period ensures the quality of water for your steam iron.

Filter for water bottles for steam iron ensures performance of steam iron. Depending upon your steam iron model you may find appropriate filters and use them with proper care to ensure minimum damage to your steam iron as well as your clothing.