aqua-pure ap110 water filter

aqua pure has been a well trusted name for several years now. This brand has made sure to deliver excellent service for every kind of water use. Increasing water borne diseases has made it mandatory to rely on water filters that can provide hygienic and clean water for entire household. Bacteria and viruses not only cause damage your body internally but also cause skin diseases when used for bathing. Thus one must ensure that hygienic and pure water is used not only for drinking but for others purposes like bathing, cleaning and cooking. Aqua- pure ap 110 water filter is just a perfect deal for all the family needs and requirements. The well designed filter removes every possible dust and polluting particles and offers gallons of clean and pure water.

Aqua pure ap 110 is made from superior quality materials. The well designed graded density design gives 30 percent more life to the filter. Ap110 water filter can work well even under dense water pressure. The cartridge used is tested before using and is made of advanced materials to make sure no waste or toxins remain back in the water. The cartridge size is 9 3/4’” x 2 5/8”. It has got an 8 gallon per minute flow rate, 5 micron rating, and maximum temperature of 100. This filter requires to be replaced after every 6 months. Replacing the cartridge well on time helps you get pure water without any interruption.
Aqua pure AP110 is compatible with most filter units and thus is widely used for household purposes. Aqua pure has made a remarkable name in the water filter industry. It has been successful in offering high level purified water to large number of people. The staff at aqua pure is friendly and helps you at any time of day. Be it an emergency call or a scheduled one, the staff is ever ready to guide you. Low on maintenance and easy to use, affordable and high on quality are some features that make Aqua pure AP 110 most preferred choice among masses. Aqua pure AP 110 certainly enjoys good recommendations as one of the best filter available today.
The AP 110 makes sure all the pollutants and contaminants are removed. It does not even spare minute dust particles. Chemicals and toxins are eliminated from water to make it as clean and clear as possible. The cartridge is long lasting and durable. Aqua pure AP 100 has the power to withstand pressure and can be used in both hot and cold water. The materials used in this are made from FDA (CFR 21). AP 110 is a perfect filter that can meet all your needs. One can blindly trust this product. Made from high technology, Aqua pure AP 110 works efficiently to reduce dust and rusting particles.
Bringing aqua pure ap 110 will put you off worries and tensions of water borne diseases. The contaminants and pollutants will no longer exist in your water. Aqua Pure AP 110 is the best filtration solution for all household needs. Visit your nearby dealer today to know more about aqua pure ap110. This is a quality product in today’s water filter market and one should not miss the opportunity to bring this home.
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