frigidaire puresource2 water filter

The filtration industry is booming these days, all thanks to the increase in water borne diseases. If you talk about water filters there are numerous names that come up, however there is only handful of names that one can recollect when we talk about quality filters. Pure source 2 water filter is one of the best and high quality products from Frigidaire. Frigidaire has earned a name in the filtration industry. It was the first brand to come up with refrigerator water filters. This allowed the masses to protect their stored water and ice from pollutants. Frigidaire pure source 2 water filters is the best deal in keeping your family away from water borne diseases.

Frigidaire pure source 2 water filters undergo a quality test before being approved by the concerned authorities. It uses only superior quality materials to make both the internal and external parts. The cartridge is made using advanced technology to help you get better and high quality pure water. With Frigidaire pure source 2, you never have to worry about any pollutant settling on your stored ice and water. The Frigidaire pure source 2 water filter can be placed with model numbers NGFC 2000, FC 100, WF2CB, and SWF2CB. This filter works effectively in giving you better tasting water that is free of all harmful contaminants.

Apart from protecting your ice and water, Frigidaire pure source 2 water filter works efficiently in reducing mercury by 91 percent, lead by 99.33%, herbicides by 1,4-D by 96%, Cysts by 99.99%, Atraxine by 98%, Toxaphene by 87.5% and other particulates by more than 98.6%. Frigidaire pure source 2 water filter is certified by NSF and thus has a vast acceptance. This filter is designed to keep contaminants and waste particles at bay, so you can enjoy pleasant tasting ice and water. This is one of the best ways to get good quality water and ice. Easy to install and replace, Frigidaire pure source 2 water filter is extensively used across the nation.

Frigidaire pure source 2 water filter operates in the range of 100º F and 33ºF. Frigidaire pure source 2 water filter can work under a pressure of 100PSIG/ 30 PSIG. It has a capacity of 400 gallons after which it needs to be replaced. You can easily install this filter by following the steps given in users manual. After installation let the water flow in the dispenser for about 3 minutes and after that the filter is ready to use. It is important to clean and maintain this filter regularly for a better performance.

To know more about Frigidaire pure source 2 water filter, you can refer to the data sheet provided by the NSF. This will give you detailed information on how this product works and how far it can protect your stored water and ice. This filter is certainly the best product when it comes to keeping unwanted toxics and chemicals away from your stored ice and water. Not only experts but also large numbers of consumers recommend the use of Frigidaire pure source 2 water filters.

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