Berkey light water purification system

Berkey light water purification system is used where you need reliable supply of treated water. This system included a transparent water storage tank and two filter elements with micro pores. The transparent durable tank makes this system easy to refill and clean. The filter pores of this system are so small that harmful bacteria such as Giardia, Cholera, E-coli cannot pass through them. This filter also removes chemicals like lead, rust, pesticides, sediment, chlorine, herbicides and bad tastes and odour.

The berkey light water purification system provides the most clean and healthy water which gives the beneficial minerals for your body. The quality of water is superior to other filters because this system removes harmful pathogenic bacteria. The operation of this water purifier is so simple because it doesn’t require any specific water pressure, electricity or plumbing. This is the most economical water filtration system. It’s simple and easily understandable design allows you to remove and clean the filters very easily. The system can purify four gallons of water per hour.

The Lexan material is used to make this system. It does not require any electricity or water pressure because of its gravity flow design. It can store 2.75 gallons of water. This system is very handy and you can move it easily whenever you want. The berkey light water purifier is so powerful that it can treat not only tap water but also untreated lake and stream water.

The operation of this system is very simple but effective. When you pour the water into the upper chamber, gravity draws the water through the filter elements. The filter separated contaminants with the help of micro-pores. Then you can find the purified water in the lower chamber. The whole system is joined together so that you can easily transport it even while the purification of water. Because both the chambers of the system are transparent refilling of the system becomes easy. The base of this system is elevated so that you can keep it anywhere on a flat surface.

In Berkey stainless water purifier the media of the purifier removes the contaminants by an absorption phenomenon. The absorption is a surface phenomenon in which the molecular of the substance attracts to the surface of the media. After passing through the micro-pore filter water molecules are drawn by gravity and the stay in contact with the media for several minutes where media captures remaining contaminants. This is basic model.

The Berkey Light water purifier is an advance purifier. This purifier has one interesting feature that is LED illumination in either blue or white colour. LED means light emitting diode with low power consumption and life span averages that is more than 11 years of continuous use. LED has no role in water purification but it provides illumination that guides users to the water supply at night. To charge these LEDs you can use rechargeable internal batteries, AC adapter or solar charger. Also an auxiliary battery adapter is available which provide power to the LED base for 8 hours per night.
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