Sink water filtration avoids health risks

We all like to believe that we are doing a lot for our health and our children’s health. We buy organic food, avoid food colors and drink carton milk and what not. What we do not pay attention to is the quality of water we drink. The water coming to our taps does go through a filtration process, but that filtration involves the use of chlorine to kill all germs and bacteria present in water. Chlorine is very harmful for us. In the process of distribution water gets contaminated again because it comes in contact with rusty pipes, environmental pollutants and industrial wastes. So a good filtration process at home is a necessity.

Drinking water can be filtered with the help of a counter top filter or an under sink filter.
Under sink water filtration is more popular in homes. A counter top filter is expensive as compared to under sink water filtration. It also takes up more space and makes more noise. Sink water filtration ensures that water coming to the sink is free of any contaminants. It is perfectly safe for children, elderly and pregnant women to drink this water in order to stay away from disorders caused by drinking contaminated water. It also saves you from spending money on bottled water. Bottled water may actually not be a healthy option also because of the chemicals leeching from the plastic bottle itself.

With sink water filtration you get fresh and pure drinking water for drinking, cooking, ice and coffee making, baby food and any other way you may want to use it. Ask any sink water filtration users and they will advise you never to drink tap water. It removes almost 90% of unwanted substances commonly found in tap and well water. It is very easy to install and use. It fits under your regular sink with no need for extra plumbing. The only maintenance needed is to change the cartridge once in six months in case you go for a carbon block water purifier.

Sink water filtration may be done with the help of a reverse osmosis filter. It uses a semi-permeable membrane which allows only pure water molecules to pass through, while rejecting the contaminated molecules. This method uses a process called crossflow to allow the membrane to continually clean itself. This process requires a driving force to push water through the membrane. The most common force is water pressure or pressure from a booster pump. The efficiency of this filter depends directly on this force.

The other method of purification is with the help of a carbon block filter. Water passes through a cartridge filled with activated carbon. The carbon captures all the impurities and odors allowing only clean water to pass through to the tap.

Drinking clean and pure water protects us from stomach problems, kidney stones, hepatitis, internal infections, muscle cramps and food poisoning. Sink water filtration can help to monitor and ensure the quality and safety of drinking water.