Under sink water filtration is absolute must in Canada

Water has had a great impact on human civilization. We are entirely dependant on water for the proper functioning of vital body systems. Over the years, more and more contaminants are penetrating fresh water sources, resulting in significant health problems. The impurity of water and the crucial need for pure and clean water has led to the discovery of various methods and processes to purify water. Presently, the best way to get fresh and clean water is to install a home water filtration system.

According to Health Canada, good drinking water is free from disease causing organisms, harmful chemical substances and radio-active matter. It tastes good and looks good – that means no bad odor and color to the water. Municipalities are responsible for the drinking water in their area. Even after filtration, the water may gather contaminants on its way to your tap. Under sink water filtration thus becomes a necessity as it can counteract more than two thousand contaminants found in the regular tap water in Canada.

Fresh water sources get contaminated with industrial wastes and agricultural runoffs. When water is treated with chlorine, many of the harmful bacteria are killed but chlorine itself is harmful to the human body and also imparts an odor to the water. There are other substances like lead, arsenic and mercury and synthetic chemicals like herbicides and pesticides which can cause severe harm to the nervous and digestive system. Under sink filtration ensures that the water gets rid of these impurities and odors before it reaches the kitchen faucet.

Water filters can come in various types, sizes and shapes to suit every need and budget. A whole house filter can take care of the entire water coming to the house but is very expensive and requires a lot of maintenance. Shower filter is ideal to get clean water for showering but needs expensive plumbing. A counter top filter is good for drinking water but eats up a lot of your precious counter space. Under sink water filtration is specially convenient and useful because of the new technologically advanced features. It is installed under your kitchen sink and stays almost out of sight. It provides you with the double advantage of safe drinking water and a clutter free kitchen counter.

Under sink filtration is easy to install and does not require any separate plumbing. The filter is attached to the water supply pipe and then to the faucet. So the supply water passes through the filter and the result is sparkling clean and fresh tasting water flowing through your kitchen tap. Maintenance is very easy as you only need to change the filter cartridge once every six months or so. There is no need to boil water and wait for it to cool before drinking it and no need to spend money on bottled water as well. Moreover bottled water itself contains contaminants leeching from the plastic packaging. The huge number of plastic bottles manufactured for packaging drinking water only adds to the damage already done to the environment when they are emptied and tossed into landfills. So, under sink filtration is an environment friendly option to have clean and pure drinking water.