New Wave 10 Stage Water Filter

With the increasing awareness about water contamination and need for water filtration at homes, there has also been development in filtration methods and technologies. A number of manufacturers have carried on extensive research and analysis to build the most comprehensive filtration system which can address the need for safe and fresh tasting drinking water. The New Wave 10 Stage Water Filter is one such comprehensive filtration unit which filters water and also enhances its taste.

The filter cartridge of New Wave 10 Stage Water Filter lasts three times more than the regular carbon block cartridges. One cartridge can filter up to fifteen hundred gallons of water and lasts almost a year. It is a 10 stage contaminant removing cartridge which removes impurities by bonding them with the filter media. It removes chlorine, trihalomethanes, the organic and chlorine compounds which cause cancer, bad odors, herbicides, lead and cadmium heavy metals which are toxic, micro organisms like cysts and protozoa, and parasites like cryptosporidium and giardia. Inert minerals like magnesium and potassium stay intact in water and incase of excess fluoride in water in certain areas, there is a reverse osmosis system also available. The filter is available in counter top as well as under sink models.

The New Wave 10 Stage Water Filter makes the water slightly alkaline and the P-H balance of water is maintained at 8, which is ideal for human body. The filter consists of 10 stages wherein all contaminants are completely removed. The first stage is a sponge filter which traps larger solids like rust and sand. The second stage consists of KDF, a patented alloy. It is a very good and effective bacteriostat. It removes chlorine and heavy metals and thus prolongs the life of the filter. The third stage is another felt pad which traps smaller floating solids. The fourth stage is granulated active carbon which is recognized by EPA as the best water filtration medium.

It removes chlorine, bad odor and color from drinking water. The fifth stage is a felt pad again to remove finer sediments. The next stage is an ion exchange resin which reduces lead. Then an additional felt pad is provided to trap every possible floating sediment. Then there is another bed of activated carbon and after that a layer of calcite which lowers acidity of water and maintains the P-H balance to 8 which is just right for human body. Last, there is an absolute depth filter which traps the smallest possible micro organisms. The result is sparkling clean water.

The new wave 10 stage water filter is very easy to install and can be connected to almost all standard faucets. It comes with all the appliances needed for installation. Filter installation as well as cartridge replacement is very simple. Replaceable cartridges for the filter are available in most of the home improvement stores as well as online. The filter is designed to take very little counter space and can even be installed under the sink. Having a New Wave 10 Stage Water Filter installed is the most sensible decision you can make if you want fresh and clean water for your family without spending a fortune on bottled water.