Sip healthily from your personal water bottle purifier

Industrialization has its disadvantages in the form of various pollutants in the form of heavy metals and chemicals that invariably find their way into fresh water sources. Couple with that the threat from various micro-organisms and your health could be severely compromised. However, you can easily remain safe when you sip healthily from your personal water bottle purifier.

Bottle purifiers are somewhat akin to tiny filtration plants that provide crystal-clear drinking water after passing it through various mediums and processes. Each process removes specific threats and the final process ensures safe and disinfected water. You can go in for a large personal water dispenser along with a cooler in your home or workplace. These dispensers can contain bottles with inbuilt filters or could be of the bottleless variety with an inline filter so as to provide cold and safe drinking water. These dispensers might need electric supply to cool down the water.

However, you will also need water when you are away from home, while traveling or when you are hiking or partaking in outdoor sports. During such times, you might not have access to electricity or safe drinking water. It is for such situations that your personal water bottle with a purifier can come handy. The purification process in such bottles involves a filter cartridge that is usually made up of activated carbon or charcoal, silver molecules, and even iodine that is all packed in resin. This process effectively removes almost all heavy metal contaminants including aluminum, cadmium, iron, mercury etc and also stops harmful e-coli bacteria and cysts from passing through. The filter also ensures that you receive water that is free from any odors or bad tastes.

You can now simply fill your bottle with municipal tap water or water from a lake or stream and get pure and filtered water when you squeeze your bottle. Manufacturers including Pur have a wide range of such bottles and filters along with replacement filters that you could choose from. Using a bottle with a purifier instead of just buying bottled water also makes green sense since you no longer need to spend time, effort and money in buying and disposing bottles. After drinking bottled water, you will just be left with bags of empty bottles that will either need to be burnt or pushed into landfills where they might stay until eternity, thereby adding an unwanted burden on the environment. In fact, using a rental service for your home dispenser too makes much more sense so as to simply rotate the 5 gallon bottles of water. But the best option that does not even require any electric supply at all is the personal bottle with its own inbuilt purifier.

While drinking water that has not been fully purified can cause severe health problems in the short and long run, buying tons of bottled water can cause a huge dent in your finances and in the environment too. A simple solution that ensures fresh, clear and totally pure drinking water is a personal water bottle purifier. All you need to do is to fill up the bottle and squeeze it to safely sip pure water.