Stay safe with a pur water filtration bottled floor dispenser

If you truly want your loved ones to stay safe and healthy as far as drinking water is concerned then you cannot afford to take a risk with municipal tap water or packaged bottled water. On the other hand, you can stay safe with a pur water filtration bottled floor dispenser and help save the environment too.

There are various water filters to choose from such as the floor dispenser that is usually used for dispensing large amounts of water. These filters are of the bottled or bottleless type and can also feature a cooler so as to dispense chilled water. You can also get bottle water filters of a smaller size so as to provide you with safe drinking water when you are traveling, hiking, jogging, cycling or are engaged in tiring outdoor or indoor sports that require regular replenishment of vital water. Whatever your need, you will certainly find the right size in Pur water filters that fulfill your drinking needs.

Pur water filters are made by P&G which has over 10 decades of experience in offering high-quality products that have fulfilled the needs of scores of people around the globe. Pur water filters are in fact small filtration plants by themselves as they remove bad odors and taste, dangerous chemicals and heavy metals including mercury, lead and iron, and also prevent bacteria such as e-coli and cysts such as giardia lamblia and cryptosporidium from attacking the insides of your body and those of your loved ones. The best part is that Fluoride, which is an essential mineral for the growth of bones and teeth, is not stopped by these filters. Thus, Pur water purifiers allow the right minerals to pass through while stopping all harmful contaminants from slipping through into your water.

Pur purification filters and bottles do not require any electric source and are ideal to carry while traveling, hiking or playing any sports without getting dehydrated or getting infected whilst drinking water from uncertain sources. As compared to buying bottled water, Pur filters can save a lot of money while also offering a chance for you to go green. Packaged bottled water is not only costly but also requires frequent trips to buy and return the bottles that also pose a serious environmental problem during disposal. You can simply use Pur water filters to get fresh and safe drinking water. Some models feature lights and other warning systems that inform you when the cartridge filter requires replacement, thus enhancing your safety even further.

Pur also has various replacement filter elements that can be purchased in a single, double or triple pack. In addition, you can also buy packs of flavored filters that can make drinking water even more enticing. Pur filters contain activated carbon, charcoal and an ion exchange resin that removes around 99% of all harmful contaminants from your water. All in all, you and your family are assured of good health and freedom from water-borne diseases once you start using Pur water products.

With pollution, microbes and harmful chemicals permeating into ground water sources from all sides, it is time that you take care of your health along with that of your family by buying the right water filter for your home and travel needs. You can easily stay safe with a pur water filtration bottled floor dispenser and use the portable bottle filters for your outside needs without any worries.