Use drinking water bottles with filters for pure water

If you want to avoid buying bottled drinking water that only ends up in the form of bags of empty bottles, which are a pain to dispose then you can simply shift to drinking water from bottles with filters. These filters are inbuilt inside the bottle and offer safety with convenience. You can easily use drinking water bottles with filters for pur water that keeps you safe and healthy.

Buying bottled water does not send a green message since the empty bottles pose a great environmental hazard. You might already have tried a personal cooler cum water purifier at home that would have provided you with sparkling drinking water with or without the use of any electric energy. However, if you are traveling or are into sports then you would also require drinking water to keep you well-hydrated on the move. It is precisely for such situations that drinking water bottles with filters can prove to be of great help.

While bottled water might have passed through various filtration processes such as carbon or charcoal filters, ultra-violet treatments, reverse osmosis membrane filters and even through an ozone treatment, bottled filters are also quite effective in preventing most odors and harmful bacteria from passing through. Most bottle filters will easily prevent heavy metals such as mercury, copper, iron and lead from passing through. They can also stop harmful bacteria and other micro-organisms such as those causing e-coli from getting through into your body. In addition, such filters also remove bad odor and chlorine from the water.

You will have to start out by filling your bottle with regular tap water. Next, you will have to screw on the cap that is fitted with the filter. You will now simply need to squeeze the bottle in order to receive pure drinking water. Each filter can filter about 40 to 80 gallons before you need a replacement filter for the bottle. The bottle itself can last for years without any need for replacement. You need not drive regularly to your neighborhood store to purchase bottled water or return the empty bottles once you start using these bottled filters. The sports water bottles with filters can also be clipped on to bicycles and can be easily kept in your sports or gym bags. These bottles are also available in various attractive colors, designs, shapes and sizes. You can simply choose the right size that fits in your bag.

Most bottles with filters have a three-stage water purification system in the form of a cartridge that ends up supplying pure drinking water to your thirsty mouth. You should choose a filter that is made by a reputed manufacturer and remember to change the filters at the recommended interval. This will ensure that you only receive unadulterated drinking water at all times.

Thus, drinking water bottles with filters offer an environmentally-friendly alternative to bottled water while also offering pure water to quench your thirst. You can now pursue your favorite sport or hike on your favorite peak without worrying about your drinking needs. A single squeeze can supply you with clear drinking water without paying through your nose or thinking about discarding used bottles.