American clear water softeners

Water softeners are an integral part of our lives. They have become one of the most important household equipment that every home in the northern hemisphere has. Water with all its contaminants and minerals is not good for consumption or use unless treated and filtered. Along with water filters water softeners reduce not only our medical bills but also ensure that our equipments and plumbing last longer and the our children don’t suffer from acne and other skin disorders due to the presence of salts and mother minerals in water. Electric equipments like boilers and washing machines also work better when water softeners are used and breakdowns is few and far between.

Water softeners remove hard water minerals and add a shine to your dishes, clothes, and prevent the formation of scales on tubs and showers. Our towels also feel cleaner and softer when washed with water that has been softened.
There are several water softeners brands available in the market and also there are stand alone firms that give custom made water softeners. One such small family owned and operated firm is American clear water, Mechanicsburg, PA. American clear water offers water treatment solutions for residential and commercial purposes. This family owned business has been operating in this area for the last 21 years since 1988.

Jeff Parvin looks after the sales, installation service and other functions like marketing and delivery while Lisa Parvin looks after the overall administration. Steve Chicoine is the water quality specialist.

The firm offers solution to all your water woes like hardness, sulphur, iron, bacteria, acid, chlorine, nitrates and sediments etc. they conduct field testing for non health contaminants and collect samples for testing at the local lab. Water softeners can be either taken on rent from them or purchased outright. Attractive financing options are also offered by them. Once you install their softeners you don’t have to worry about the supply of salts. 4 bags of salt are delivered free of any delivery charges.

The customer has the choice of setting up the delivery schedule or calls them as and when the salts are needed. Different types of salts like crystals, pellets and K-life (a type of non sodium salt substitute. Iron cleaner additives are added to the salt and then loaded in the tank. The firm also offers to supply filter cartridges for your water filters.

If you happen to live in this area or are moving to this area you can rest assured that this firm will take care of your water treatment needs.