Aqua dial water softeners

Benefits of having a aqua dial water softener at home are many and the foremost one being that your skin will begin to feel fresh and young. Acne will be a thing of past and you will notice the shine on your hair and skin returning. Soft water will ensure that the shampoo makes more lather and your expenses on detergents will take a nosedive. You will spend less time and money cleaning your clothes and utensils as you protect your valuable plumbing, heating systems and other equipments from the damaging effects of scale formation.

Aqua dial water softeners work like all other water softeners by forcing water through a bed of resin. The harmful chemicals like magnesium and calcium are replaced with harmless sodium ions. As and when the resin bed gets clogged with calcium and magnesium the flushing action regenerates it and clears away all the magnesium and calcium. Flushing with salt water is controlled and regulated with the help of special valves.

Different types of aqua dial water softeners are available like the time clock, which are the cheapest and the automatic on demand types. The time clock type water softeners require you to physically set the clock and the system will regenerate at regular intervals. The automatic is the preferred type of water softener used in homes. This equipment automatically regenerates depending on the water used by the household. Generally it happens at night when you are asleep.

Another type of water softener from aqua dial is the Automatic on demand with proportional salt usage. In this system calculates the amount of salt and water to be used for regeneration and uses it wisely depending on how much water has been used on that particular day. This effectively saves both salt and water.

Some of the models from this UK Company are
Aquadial Prismertec water softener – This is suitable for both small and large households. The quality of the water is very good and suits almost any awkward installation situations. The flow rate of water is very good and pressure is maintained. Other models include the Aquadial prismertec 2 water softeners – a more contemporary model suitable for the needs of the 21st century. The Aquadial 14 litre hi-tec maxi meter “high flow” suitable for up to 8 people. There are other models as well that are suitable for 8 people and 5 people.

The range is from 450 pounds to 650 pounds and they last a long time giving you great soft water for all your needs.