Autotrol water softeners

Made by GE water and process technologies, Autotrol is a fantastic product for home and office use. The best part of this product line is that it has a time clock and also the demand generated system. The models Autotrol 255/742 valve offers time-clock systems and the model 255/760 has the demand generated softener system. The valves that come with this system are sturdy and offer years of service while delivering excellent performance. Like all other products in this line these softeners also have a 5 year warranty that comes as a big relief for consumers.

No matter how big or small your home or office is Autotrol softeners come in different capacities to suit your needs. It is no surprise that they are considered the best sellers in their segment.

Autotrol 255/760 is a digital metered softener that utilizes the Autotrol 255 valve and comes with the 760 logix digital controller. Depending on the amount of water that is used the regeneration is activated. This product when ordered comes with the entire kit that includes Bypass, Valves, Resin, Resin tank, Brine well, Brine tank, Brine tank safety float and bottom and top distributor baskets. An easy to understand instruction manual also accompanies the product. The different types of softeners offered are 24000 grain to 64000 grain.

Autotrol 255 time clock water softeners also have the autotrol 255 valve which may have either 742 digital time clock, or the 740 digital time clock. These softeners regenerate according to a user defined schedule. The softener operates on a 28 day cycle. It also comes with all the parts as the 255/760 model.

The 255/760 is preferred as it saves water and salts considerably. Plus the popular 255 valve makes it the most wanted product. The resin used in this product attracts the calcium and magnesium which are responsible for the hardness of the water. The calcium and magnesium particles attach themselves to the beads of resin and get trapped. The resin then releases sodium particles. When the resin beads are saturated with calcium and magnesium particles the salty brine washes the magnesium and calcium particles and they are drained out. This cycle goes on continuously thus giving you water that is soft on both clothes and skin.

Apart from skin the water also ensures that you have whiter laundry. Your detergent usage is reduced and you spend considerably less money on washing machine and dishwater detergent. Your metal fixtures do not get stained and the water pipes encounter less scaling. The heating costs are also reduced thus saving you more money by way of reduced power bills.

Generally you get a 10 years warranty on the resin and brine tank and a 5 year warranty on the softener valve. Overall this is a very good product from GE Water and Process Technologies.