Commers water softeners, Minneapolis

Started in the year 1947 the Commers have been in the water treatment business for more than half a century. Over 50 years of experience in this line of business has earned them the respect of the community due to their service oriented approach. Presently the third generation of the Commers family runs this successful enterprise.

The Commers product range has products that suit small households as well as large commercial establishments. Water softener for Industrial use is also available and size and capacity is not a constraint. All types of water conditioning needs can be met with their products. Whether the water has low, medium or high amount of hardness the Commers water softeners will make them soft fit for human consumption or for industrial and commercial use. the capacity range offered by them varies from 16 gallons per day, for home owners to a staggering 2 million gallons per day. Whatever your need they have a water softener that will fit the requirement.

As is well known Minnesota has one of the highest level of water hardness of 12 to 18 grains per gallon compared to the national average of 5 to 6 grains per gallon. Most water softeners made cannot handle this kind of hardness. Hence Commers has special water softeners that can effectively tackle the problem. Home owners can choose from The Commers Twin Demand, F Series Water softener, the eM series Efficient Electronic model to the Whole House Water Refiner and the SX series water softeners. The 40 HE Platinum Model is also one of the best products that can handle the above hardness efficiently.

For those who draw water from wells there are almost 6 models to choose from. Some of the models are Sanitizer Series water softener, the 50 IM Water softener, the 50 Ultra-Filter water softeners etc.

Commercial establishments like laundries, hospitals, Grocery stores, Hotels, restaurants and educational institutions can go in for the Commers Magnum CV model. It has both mechanical and electronic timer mechanism. Corrosion resistant Noryl makes the unit light weigh and durable. A superior flow rate along with pressure drop performance makes this unit efficient. If you feel that your requirements will not be met by these models then Commers can also provide custom built water softeners.

Commers offer builders and developers special incentive programs so that they can offer these systems to their customers. Builders are offered wholesale prices that adds to their profitability and also gives the home owners good value for money.

Apart from manufacturing and installing quality softeners Commers also takes care of all the required after sales services like free delivery of salts at discounted rates. Filter replacements for domestic and commercial water filters and water analysis. They also have a 24 hour emergency service that is ever ready to help their customers.