Read consumers report on water softeners before deciding on which one to buy

Essentially there are four different types of technologies used in water softeners. Based on the technology used water softeners can be classified into catalytic water softeners, magnetic water softeners, Ion exchange water softeners and reverse osmosis water softeners.

When you decide to buy one for your home you will face the question which one to buy as all the water softeners offer features that seem to be beneficial to you and your family. However, what you must look at is the price, size, ease of maintenance, warranties and guarantees and the over all operational costs involved over a period of time.

For your convenience we have short listed the top five based on consumers reports received from all over the world.

Kinetico 2020
This water softener is based on the ion exchange technology and is one of the best and most preferred by consumers. It has twin tanks which makes refilling salts a breeze. This is a demand based water softener and does not need scheduling of the recharge. As and when the resin bed is stripped of salts it regenerates itself and also cleans itself. In the ion exchange category this is the best water softener.

Pelican PSE1800 whole house water filter and water softener
This is one product that can take care of all your households water needs. The material used in the manufacture of the product is of the highest order. The company offers a free 90 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. The company also offers a 10 year guarantee for the valves, which are considered as the heart of water softeners. This is a product for your whole house and capacity is no issue. Electricity is not required and hence you don’t have to spend a penny on power bills.

This is one product that is highly rated by consumers who have very hard water to deal with. The system is a self generating one but the noise level is a bit annoying. The salt pellets used in this type of water softener are not cheap, however, the after sale support of the company is excellent.

Tapworks AD11
This is the reverse osmosis water filter cum water softener. Low on maintenance and easy to operate this water softener is easy to install. Water and salt consumption is also less compared to others. Overall, a good product for your home.

Pro-Mrkt Corp digital water treatment system H1000
This water softener uses the magnetic technology to make the water soft. The most advantageous part of this system is that there is no brine and wastage of water. However being a magnetic water softener the water cannot be stored and hence it has uses where the water is immediately used.

These are some of the best systems available in the market. However, please note that they have been listed randomly and not listed based on their effectiveness/performance.