Best whole house water filter

Choose the best whole house water filter based on their ability to reduce contaminants present in water that you are using

Sediments, sand, iron, heavy metals, harmful chemicals and several other contaminants in water pose a health hazard for you. Moreover, these contaminants are also the cause of damage to plumbing system and various appliances used throughout the household. Often presence of contaminants is the reason for increased cost on heating appliances, cleaning material and maintenance. Point of use systems prove to be insufficient when there is a major problem with water you get. You would have to consider various criteria when choosing the best whole house water filter for your homes.

Whole house water filtration systems are beneficial in several ways. When choosing the best whole house water filter, consider factors like its performance and capability to remove contaminants that may be present in water that you are using. You may take into consideration other factors like amount of water wasted, electricity needed, flow rate and overall maintenance needed.

You may decide the best one for you based on reviews from customer who have used it. You may also take into consideration the factors in favor of filters recommended by EPA. While choosing you may also be considering the cost effectiveness of various filtration systems.

It is very difficult to pinpoint or choose one single whole house filtration system. If you have contaminants like iron, manganese, chlorine you may not find one specific filter useful. Among the best whole house water filters are those from Aquasana, OmniFilter, Culligan, AquaPure and CrystalQuest. The Aquasana Rhino EQ-300 model is highly popular.

It is preferred by many to take care of most of their filtration needs. It has a sediment pre-filter which ensures sediment removal down to five microns. Further processes include water atomization that helps alter molecular structure of chlorine and makes it harmless. Bituminous activated carbon granules in the third stage help remove most contaminants. In the last stage coconut shell based activated carbon granules enable removal of smallest particulates and VOCs.

Similarly you may also find some purification units useful to disinfect water by destroying e.coli, cryptosporidium, giardia and other microbiological contaminants. Deluxe Iron Eater 125 UV series whole house systems from RainDance water systems are among the best ones with an ability to remove iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide as well as microbiological contaminants. These purification systems with UV treatment units are gaining popularity as you are assured of high level purification with removal of chemicals, heavy metals along with microbiological contaminants.

Pelican PC600 is also known for its ease in installation and the unique design which does not require electricity. The Carbon Series that they offer assures you trouble free service for several years. The manufacturers even have a 5 year performance guarantee and 90 day satisfaction guarantee.

There are other types of whole house water filters like Reverse osmosis systems. These combined with softeners and conditioners provide good relief from hard water related issues.

You can choose the best whole house water filter depending upon your need to remove different contaminants from water. Reviews and reports from customers and suppliers may provide you the right direction to choose an appropriate whole house water filter.