Some useful reviews to arrive at a decision

Purification and filtration system have become an important part of each household. Whether you use well water or municipal water, there are several contaminants present in water. It is essential to remove them before you use water for drinking, washing or bathing. You may install point of use systems like shower filters and faucet filters. However, if contaminants are causing problems throughout your home, then whole house water filters are useful. There are several whole house water filtrations systems available in the market and it is hard to choose based only on description. You can find whole house water filter reviews for various brands and decide for yourself which one would be suitable for your needs.

There are several whole house water filters like Aquasana Rhino EQ-300, Wellness MG-III, EcoWater, Pelican PC1000 and many more. Let’s have a look at what customer have to say about these whole house water filters. Aquasana Rhino EQ-300 removes about 99% of chlorine and more than 5 microns particulates. Most customers of Aquasana express satisfaction at the quality of water they get on installing the Rhino EQ-300. One reviewer was happy that on installing it, the chlorine in their water which causes extreme dryness and irritation of skin, was removed. They were elated that their newborn’s eczema cleared up. Most reviewers feel it is good value for money.

The Pelican PC1000 which is suitable for homes with 3-6 bathrooms also found good reviews from customer. One reviewer who got it with a combo pack including a softener was very happy. He found installation very easy and quick. After installing the system he found the taste of water had improved and there was no chlorine smell to water either. He also feels that other variants like PC600 suitable for smaller homes would also have a similar performance.

Wellness MG-III is also very popular among customers. One reviewer feels it is very important that the system is designed to remove harmful minerals from water and adds trace minerals. He is impressed that it needs very little maintenance if at all. Overall he feel there has been an improvement in health of his family since installing it. He further mentions that he has heard good reviews from his family and friends.

Reviewer of Ecowater systems feel it is very well designed and good at removing chlorine and other harmful contaminants. However they feel cost of these systems are higher as compared to other whole house systems available.

There are favorable reviews about Omni Corporation U25 Whole House Water Filter System with Clear Housing. Most reviewers feel it works very well and improves taste of water drastically. However, some of them feel they have a poor finish and thus may start leaking and need replacement after a few years.

You can choose a whole house water filter by researching a bit for reviews, good and bad. There are several sites that offer detailed information about products and reviews about them. Depending upon the contaminants present in water, find the perfect whole house system for your household. You would feel the difference in water that you get and enjoy cleaner, softer and purer water.