Whole house sediment water filters

Whole house sediment water filters save your plumbing, kitchenware and appliances from sediments present in water

There are often times when you notice some particles and sediments in water that may be a cause of concern for you. Such particles need to be removed. They are not only harmful to your health but they may also damage plumbing, kitchen appliances and even other filters that you may have installed. Sediment filters can be installed at point of use to remove sediments from water. However, this does not resolve the problem sediments cause to plumbing and other appliances. Whole house sediment water filters are best suited to remove the sediments from water before they enter plumbing system.

Whole house sediment water filters protect your whole house from particles and sediments that lead to clogging of taps and appliances. Sand, silt, ferric iron and oxidized manganese or sulfur are removed from water with the help of sediment filters. There are several benefits of using whole house sediment filters. Most filters are designed with three stage filtration system.

Generally the first stage includes a sediment filter which removes sediment, dirt and other particles. This in turn helps avoid damage caused due to sediments to water filters and softeners. In the second stage there is usually a media tank which enables effective conditioning and filtering of water. Usually, the last step involves a solid carbon cartridge which helps remove any contaminates and VOCs that may be left in water.

Usually, whole house sediment filters are designed such that most sediments are removed in the first stage itself. The large and irregular shape of filter enables larger penetration of sediment into the bed, as well as prevents caking of sediment. Moreover, if the design of filter is normal light weight it ensures lower backwash rates and better bed expansion for filtration. The ideal combination of size, shape and density of filter media ensure least amount of water wastage and top quality purification of water.

There are several manufacturers of whole house sediment water filters. There are good systems available like Aqua Pure AP810-2, Crystal Quest Sediment Whole house filter, Culligan HF-150 filter and many more. Filters come in various sizes and capacities, suitable for homes with 1-3, 3-6 or so bathrooms. The Aqua Pure AP810-2 is widely used in larger homes and even for commercial usage. It has a micron rating of 5 and flow rate of 45 gpm, making it perfect for large homes.

Crystal Quest’s whole house water filters are highly popular with an ability to filter water with a wide pH range. It requires very little space and high service rate results in low equipment costs. Moreover, its high sediment reduction capacity enables longer filter runs with lesser backwash and time out of service. The WH1 series from Homewaterpurifierandfilters.com are popular for their sturdy stainless steel mounting and a design which requires very little maintenance. They are suitable for well water, lake water, stream water and municipal water treatment at your homes.

With whole house sediment water filters in place you are assured of sediment free and clean water at all faucets throughout your household. Sand, dirt and rust free water for washing food and vegetables means whatever you eat is safe and healthy. Moreover, it ensures complete protection to household appliances and fixtures in kitchen and bathroom. Whole house sediment water filters are a safe investment to make for the benefit of your entire family.