Whole house water filter for iron and softners reduce iron contamination and hard water problems substantially

Well water as well as municipal water supplied to us has contaminants like iron, hydrogen sulfide, manganese and others that lead to several problems. Staining on bathrooms and kitchen fixtures, electrical appliances and even clothes due to iron particles, rust and even the dissolved iron is a major problem. Similarly, hard water often causes scale buildup which leads to increase in cost of heating water, cleaning and maintenance. Installing iron filters helps remove iron from water to a large extent. If you add softners you can also get rid of the hard water contamination and scaling problem. Whole house iron water filters and softners can be installed to reduce this problem wherever you are using such water.

There are several whole house water filters for iron removal. Iron contamination causes staining of laundry, bathtubs, showers and even electrical appliances like clothes washer, dish washers. It causes rusting and damage to plumbing systems. At such times a point of use system is not sufficient, a whole house iron water filter is preferable. At the same time, problems like unsightly staining and scaling caused due to hard water need to be addressed. If you install water softeners along with whole house iron filter systems most problems would be substantially reduced.

Whole house iron filters and softener systems like the “Iron Eater” from Raindance Water systems are among the popular ones. It softens hard water and removes manganese, iron and other contaminant from water. The softener removes about 110 grains per gallon of hardness and around 25ppm of ferrous as well as ferric iron from water.

Whole house iron water filter and softener systems generally use fine mesh resin on a bed of fine garnet or pyrolox. The filters created using fine resin are about five times more effective than standard resins. Fines resins are highly effective for removal of ferric iron. Repeated touching of water to resin or resin kinetic effectively removes iron. The overall effect is substantial reduction of amount of iron in water. As scaling buildup is reduced it improves water flow and pressure in pipes. You can get clean, pure water free from most contaminants.

Whole house iron water filters and softeners can be easily installed on the main supply line of your homes. It ensures soft and clean tap water throughout. Hard water scaling reduces efficiency of household appliances like water heaters, icemakers, coffeemakers and dishwashers. It also helps save on costs that arise due to contaminants like iron, manganese and calcium. Reduced staining in turn leads to saving on cleaning products usage. With removals of contaminants like iron, its effect is visible on glassware and silverware and clothes. You would get back the sparkle to your glassware and silverware as if it were new. Clothes also would feel brighter, cleaner and softer.

Whole house water filter for iron along with softeners can substantially improve the quality of water. Ensure regular maintenance and monitoring for their efficient functioning. With iron contamination taken care of and water softened with softeners you can feel assured of using clean and pure water. You would surely get freedom from rust stains on plumbing and other appliances.